Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where to Start

I feel lost even trying to start this "back in the saddle" post. I honestly was very much on the verge of closing down shop with TFWDC (ya...you like that abbreviation don't you?). I have been wary of the "drama" and then judgement that comes with putting my life on here.

I also started to have those questions of what do I "filter". What do I write about? Who do I write about? It was paralyzing. All of the "what ifs" I had swirling around in my head. But I think I am over it. 

And back to hopefully documenting things not just for myself but also for you crazy people who read this and find it interesting still. Thank you for flattering me. 

There has been a lot left off of here since I took my hiatus. It's sad to think those memories probably won't be commited to memory here. Hopefully I will remember them and then moving forward I will learn my lesson about not sharing moments when they happen. I want to provide a brieft summary of life. But honestly--it feels like an empty attempt.

My family did just visit me in DC for Thanksgiving. I did go to Turkey (like the country). I just put up my meager Christmas decorations.I bought new sheets. There was another bathtub incident. I'm learning that trust and doubt can be some of the most raw and complex feelings to understand. My hair has seemed to grow a lot since I cut it> I am going to be on the Best Coast in 17 days from today.

Maybe I will start with that above list and work my way through some posts to get myself back up to speed with what I have been doing with myself these days.

Well I guess I will say "Thank You" for not giving up on me quite yet here. Hopefully I will redeem myself. I do have some awesome pictures to put up if you can hang with me just awhile longer.