Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Working From Home: Awkward Moment

Working from home certainly has it benefits.Like the best commute in the world. The dress code that consists of whatever comfortable items I want. A fridge, Brita, and snacks I don't have to worry about being clean or eaten by someone else. No shoes required. Multiple work spaces. And simple pleasures like a candle on a desk.

One of the drawbacks...the comforts of home and all the things that come with it. 

Let me explain. I am on the phone for approximately 3-6 hours a day depending on the day of the week.

My job is basically this and this mushed together...I kid you not. 3-6 hours a day of that. Yup. 

So I am on one of my many phone calls and out of the corner of my eye I spy a wiggly, creepy, crawly, icky thing scurrying across my wall. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Now normally, you tolerate it, keep one eye on it and then wait for an appropriate time to kill the sucker. 

Except this foul creature was looking awfully close to scuttling down the wall and IN TO MY BED.

Yup. Nope. Not Ok.

So I asked if I could put the call on hold for one moment. Pilfer through my closet and find a shoe, drag my night stand over to give me a leg up to the height of the scum sucked and then beat the crap out of the wall and the bug. 

There may or may not been a few $!#*&! going on as well, because that guy was BIG! and FAST! Yikes.

After rendering him immobile and deader than a doornail. I go back to my desk pick up my headset...flip the phone back on, and resume the call. 

The other end of the line.....was silent. Until..."Are you ok?"

oooooohhhhhhhhh no. 

"Oh my, you could hear that."

"Ummm, yes."

"Oh goodness, yes I am fine, there was errrrrr a.....well there was a bug...and I errrrr.... killed it"

Unstoppable laughter. 

So we all had a good laugh. I hung my head in embarrassment and cringed as I knew the bottom of my shoe would need to be cleaned. 

Working from home>Working from an office (even if there are bugs)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Great Expectations

I had grand ideas for 25 was supposed to hold. It felt like a pivotal year when I thought about growing up. I suppose we each have the years that we place some sort of arbitrary value or weight on. For me it was 16, 21 and then 25. 

I honestly hardly remember turning 16 or what my expectations were about that year of my life. I do know I was awkward, painfully shy, and brainwashed by a bunch of Disney movies that had me thinking that I new Jeep, parties, and a magical romance was in my immediate future. 

anyone? anyone else remember this?

Lucky me, I never got mistaken for a famous pop princess, or had my best friend confess undying love. Alas.

Expectations for 21 were pretty shallow and predictable. By the standards of what I expected and what occurred-- pretty spot on. A fantastic display if expectations and reality that year. Granted, when you are in college, living with your sorority sisters, and just about to finish your final ten weeks of college- life is pretty stinkin' great. Luckily, that "mind eraser" beverage I down around 1:30am on my birthday was temporary in nature. Ha!

Twenty Five was the year of the "adult". With high hopes, and a head filled with anticipation and expectation, it was easy to see how what I had thought, and what was real- were way way way off. I didn't have a nice wardrobe, or piles of heels. No tiny humans, no house, no new car, and I certainly didn't read the paper with any regularity! 

After I grieved, mourned, accepted, and moved on, 26 and 27 flew by with little thought, little expectation and no comparison to what I thought, and what was real. 

Now I am 39 days out from facing 28 head on, and with a level of confidence that is foreign to me- I can say I am having a mini-freak out. Talk about expectation and anticipation! 

I mean, surely I was supposed to have the "4 D's" checked off at this point?!? Wrong. As of right now, I have a dishwasher, that's it. No Dog, no Dryer, and certainly no Diamond. Not to get all serious and emotional, but holy lord does that freak me out. I'm leaning on my crutch of humor right now to joke about my wrinkles, quickly dwindling egg count, and being in a nursing home when my kids go to college. Which is all just a very clever way to cover up the fact that I am feeling like I may just be one of those people who doesn't get married, or have kids and starts dressing her dogs like children so she can buy cute clothes. It's a tad bit terrifying (and a dash of mortifying as well). It is all in my head- thank goodness, making it easy to remind myself that everyone build up expectations and time lines for themselves and I am not the first, nor last to have to throw my timeline completely out the window and remember that I am ok, and that what comes, is what is right.

With 39 days left on the clock, I am trying to remember it is normal to let go of expectation and accept your own personal truth. I may need a few bottles of wine and my humor crutch to get through it, but once on the other side, I am sure it will all be just fine. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

These Are Some of My Favorite Things

♥ I admit that I actually really love bull riding. Even more than cheering for the riders, I really like to cheer for the bulls too. If a bull could win an Olympic medal, this one would have won several golds. 

♥ No arguing with my desire to move. I clearly have my priorities and preferences on point. 

♥ Clearly talent runs in this family. Love this delicate and affordable jewelry. 

♥ I can't tear my eyes away from these beauties. Get on my feet now! I'll take these too. 

♥ Some inspiration for some baking. Not only have I not been blogging, I haven't been baking either. Adult life is hard. 

♥One of my best friend sent this article to me, and it is the truth. Even more truthful...I have those friends. 

♥ My least favorite time of the year in DC is upon us (basically from April-October I HATE living here even more than normal), but perhaps we will get one more chilly evening where I could make this.