Monday, February 16, 2009

The Breadline

Co-worker/Friend invited me to have lunch with him today since he was going to be a work-a-holic and work on a day when the office was closed (crazy). I met up with him at a great little place called The Breadline. Yelp gives this place some awesome reviews so I was excited to give it a try. The only problem I had was determining what to order! I was pulled towards so many different sandwiches, and not to mention that the soup of the day was turkey noodle, one of my favorite comfort foods! I settled on the salami and cheese sandwich and a glass of fresh lemonade. The baguette was amazing and I don't think I have that tasty of a sandwich for months!

A bonus for going on a day when most offices where closed was the lines that are notoriously written about on yelp, were non existent! The menu also changes daily, something that is another draw, something new the next time I visit! I definitely plan to return. It might have to go on the agenda for when Mrs. Stephanie visits me at the end of the month!

Weekend Relief

Last night co-worker/friend took me out to hunt some bucks (or rather some other type of animal since we player Big Buck Hunter Pro Safari!) and do I need to work on my hunting skills! I do not do Idaho proud! Co-worker/friend is like super pro at the game and made my amateur skills look rather pathetic, but I still had a great time. I again state that I am horribly addicted to the game now, and am very entertained by the exploding animals and odd running paths of the bucks.

Co-worker/friend took me to the Big Hunt, which I thought was a good place to play big buck hunter pro. However there was a large chandelier that looked a lot like a large fuzzy spider...luckily I didn't have any crazy spider dreams last night!

A little bit of Salsa with those chips

For Christmas Alex gave me Salsa lessons for both of us at a dance studio in Dupont called Joy of Motion. I took some salsa in college through the experimental college and then as a part of a social dance class I took for my minor and really enjoyed it, so I was very excited to revisit my salsa skills.

It was a six week course and we were supposed to have one teacher for all six weeks but we ended up having two teachers, as our original one was out sick a couple of the weeks. Which ended up being kind of nice since our replacement teacher was one of the best dance instructors I have ever had.

We usually had an even number of men and women which made the class run really smoothly. We switched partners though out the class and it was really fun to get to know some other people and laugh with them at our dancing skills.

I am not sure if Alex and I will continue our salsa education in the future, but there was a ballet class before our class and naturally my heart ached to start dancing again. (I can only go a few months without ballet) so I am looking into taking a class once a week at the same studio. We are planning to go out dancing with some of our classmates who want to try out our skills outside the studio. Nothing like a little public embarrassment!

And while we are Dancing with the Stars quality just yet I had a great time!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day....All by myself

Well I haven't been keeping my word on being better about posting more frequently. I have been in a pretty bad mood which has made me homesick and I have been trying to avoid using this as a place to vent and bitch about how I am feeling. So forgive me if I deviate from my stories a little. But I think it is finally time to write something new.

I was having a hard time determining some other things to put on my list of "23 before 23" this year. Normally I don't allow myself to add something to list after I have already done it. But I think yesterday's events deserve to be something new/scary/challenging and most worthy of being added to the list. Plus I didn't really foresee the circumstances so I am going to let this one slide.
So number 22....

22) Go to a movie by yourself on Valentine's day.

I'm not even someone who gets super into Valentine's, but this year was really hard to be away from my friends and unable to go out to dinner with Miss Avery and exchange gifts with her like we have done for the past years. And to be alone...well it was hard.

Between the time I picked up my Indian food and went to "He's just not that into you", I had three people either, tease me about being alone on Valentine's day, or ask "how is a pretty girl like you all alone on a day like today..."


So in short, yesterday wasn't ideal. I got in a workout in the morning, went shopping for a new dress and shirt. Called Miss Avery more times than I could count. Ordered Indian food. And saw a movie.

Ok well, that is all I am going to complain about.