Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monday? Again? Didn't we do this last week?

I am writing this this in anticipation of tomorrow. It is our annual staff retreat, which last year was this new exciting first-time-work-experience thing, this year I am really just kind of not excited about the day. I definitely didn't get enough weekend this time around. I am feeling just tired in general these last few days (ok maybe most of this last week). Must be that high-strung stress level creeping up on me.

I did a lot of work for the speaker that is presenting tomorrow and I am nervous that I feel that people are going to bitch and complain about it to no end. I put a lot of effort into organizing, researching and working with our presenter and I just hope people don't talk about what a waste of time it was, or that it wasn't relevant. So please keep your fingers crossed for me. I am really trying to step outside my role at work and make some sort of contributions that people notice and are different from my day-to-day maintenance.

I am excited that a large group of people from the office are going to go get dinner at Founding Farmers (one of my top places to eat) after the day. Hopefully I won't be in an awful mood and I can in a way celebrate the organizing of my first big training session.

A couple points to ponder:

1) This little thing I have in my room. I had originally used these canisters in my old kitchen to hold flour, sugar, and powdered sugar and I would love to use these again when I have a bigger kitchen that is all mine in the future, but for now they hold candles and this bundle of wheat that I had originally purchased as decor for my Thanksgiving Feast that ultimately didn't happen as planned thanks to the roaches. Anyways, the bunch has always looked awkward to me, it needs some help. Any ideas?

2) I am dried out like no other from this winter weather. I lather lotion and lipbalm on and to no avail. Anyone have any magic winterization tips to keep me from getting all sand-papery
3) I need people's favorite quotes about love/friendship/romance etc. for a project I am working on. Post 'em! It would be greatly appreciated!!
4) SM I am so proud of you tonight, AND I can only hope that I will muster as much courage as you!!
Well an early morning for me and I am exhausted! Wish me luck tomorrow people!!

It should be documented

I started this blog for two reason (which since then have been expanded)
1) tell my friends and family what was going on in my life and
2) have a record of my life, considering I figured moving across the country was one of the biggest things I have ever done in my life so far.

Anyways. Since this is a record for me. Today used to carry some significance. But I am excited to have new days of significance and meaning.

Georgetown v. Duke and and Becoming a Real DC Resident

Saturday afternoon I met up with Scott (Owner of the Cutiere-McCuterson Puck) to go to the Georgetown v. Duke basketball game. The Verizon center was packed and there was tons of energy (one of the reasons that I love college sports). It was a super good game AND I had my first Obama in the wild sighting! I feel like I just got handed my DC Official resident card after having an Obama (and Biden) sighting!
Students cheering on Georgetown Hoyas

There is OBAMA!!!

Final Score

Friday Night

Friday night was a lot of fun. It started out with Erin and I having some of these:

and these:

at Lauriol Plaza. And trust me when I say I should have stopped after the margaritas. But no, "IamanadultandIdowhatIwant" won in that situation.

After LP we walked a lengthy 7-8 blocks to go to Sully's on U Street so we could shoot some buck. Erin has been practicing (and not telling me) and seriously kicked my butt multiple times. AND we discovered the intensity of playing head-to-head. We made some BBHP friends and watched their wives/girlfriends glare as their boyfriends/husbands chatted it up with us. After a beer to many and the addition of my friend Alex who just moved her from Seattle (We were in b-school together and I am slowly bringing people here 1-by-1 Hurrah!) we headed home.

It was an evening with a mission and was very successfully accomplished.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Team Tenley

I am officially on Team Tenley for Jake, the backstreet-boy-look-alike they have on The Bachelor this year. I was a fan of Ali for awhile but she is coming off as a typical (probably Ugg and cropped puffy jacket wearing) girl. I also like Corrie but I don't think she has enough personality to appease the producers and let Jake keep her. But lets all cheer for Team Tenley! And if anyone like You can't do that.

Let's Take a Vote

SM has encouraged me to think about participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk in October. SM has done the walk twice now and this would be her third walk! After participating in Miss Greek my freshman year I really feel like I would enjoy this experience. I am a little nervous about my available time to fund raise (you have to raise $2,300) and keep up with a training schedule to ensure you can complete the walk (you are walking 15+ miles a day). When you break it down, I just need 23 people to donate $100, which doesn't seem that bad. The training schedule would be good motivation to keep up with going to the gym and getting my needed exercise, and promote my goal to lose some more of those post-college pounds!

So I will put it to a vote...what do you all think? Can I do this?

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Version of Philosophy

At some point in high school I had to do a project on a famous author. (I want to say this was for AP English, but correct me if anyone remembers differently). Anyways, I somehow ended up with Annie Dillard. Today walking home I remembered how much I actually enjoyed this project. I think they required that we read two books by our author and then do some sort of report. I remember reading Dillard and out of no where she would have a one liner that would just strike a chord. One that really has stuck with me has been:

"The dedicated life is worth living. You must give with your whole heart."

I think this really has meaning in a lot of ways. Especially for me. I am so driven by "what next" or thinking about how to get to point B, rather than stopping and thinking about being at point A and experiencing what that means and what that requires. I will say I feel like I do live my life with a lot of dedication. In particular I am dedicated to my family, my friends, being a good person (interpret that how you want) and most I think my level of dedication to my relationships with people is my way of showing my love. While I have learned that words often fail me (unless they are written), I have to hope that people see that my dedication is a reflection of my love for them. For me this links to the second part, if you are dedicated, truly dedicated, you have your entire heart into something. No shortcuts, no holding back, no avoiding emotion or confrontation (yes you can all laugh), but delving in and investing your whole heart with result in a deep level of dedication and thus a never ending love for someone.

To keep on this emotional rant I have going right now and in some more recent posts. I was talking to SM the other day and she was stressing over how she feels like she is still discovering who she is and how that translates and effects a relationship. And I can completely relate to her. Deep down I am convinced that we are never done with understanding ourselves and learning who we are. But since I was analyzing her life (I fail at doing this with mine) I was able to come up with some deep logic on this. And that is, people are in your life to help you learn about yourself. While someone may have one aspect of their life figured out and to a point where they understand themselves, they may flounder in an area where you are completely comfortable. The whole reason we have relationships/friendships/etc is to have people who push us to discover more and learn more about ourselves. So not having it figured out is half the fun. The people who will be in your life will like you exactly for who you are right here and now and also enjoy the idea of who you could become and respect that no one has any idea who that will be.

So in short, I am so blessed to have so many people in my life who are pushing me to define myself and love me for me.

Phew...another mushy post about feelings. Time to get back to blogging about nonsense!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another Office Supply Love Affair

To continue on things in the office that make me happy binge: I really enjoy using steno notebooks for my to-do lists. Mrs. Kelly brought these to my attentions when we were first serving on ADPi exec board together (whoop whoop). There is just something about the division of the page, the top spiral binding, and the size. I very much enjoy them. I also like the green paper. Strange. Perhaps. But this one we can blame on MK.

Dear Seattle,

Ok ok ok...I will ask for forgiveness right upfront, since this is an uber melancholy post. I called Clickclean tonight to whimper about life for a few minutes (basically so she could tell me to stop whining and put together the rest of my valentines themed chandelier). But I find that all my girls in Seattle are going out to dinner tonight at Ivars, and I have to say my heart broke just a little. It is like that awful scene in Sex and the City when Carrie is in Paris and she sees the four girls eating in a cafe and gets all weepy. Yea...that's kind of how I felt. While I had such a great weekend! (Thanks Erin, Brooke, Ben and anyone else I got to spend time with) I just miss being with my friends in Seattle. (PS- Girls I hope you had a fabulous time getting to see each other!). So yes I am being very over dramatic and sappy tonight-- (I also have an awful headache that is making me cranky). But here is a love letter to Seattle...

Dear Seattle,

I miss you. I miss even when you would mist all over my hair and make it look like crap even after I woke up early to make it look nice. Rain just doesn't seem as daunting when I am with you. I remember driving to Alki to watch the sunset and eating green enchiladas with mango margaritas. Every once in awhile you would astound me with your beauty: a glimpse of Mt. Rainer, the Olympic mountains in the distance, Lake Washington clear as glass, or fireworks lighting up the Space Needle. There was nothing better than having a cup of Starbucks and watching the dogs walk around Greenlake. You made me so happy.

I can't ignore that we had a rocky start. In fact I would go as far as to say, I never thought I would like you. You were not Boise. You were big, loud, and forced me to deal with I-5. But gradually we opened up, got to know each other and then shared some pretty amazing years.

It feels strange to know I have been without you for almost two years. But I guess that is all part of growing up. Leaving and going into the world to find yourself. And sometimes that requires leaving behind the ones you love.

DC is treating me well these days. We too had a rocky start, but are headed in a good direction. But please don't worry, it will never be you. I am starting to see the other sides of DC, and I know we have a lot to learn about each other.

I guess I just had to tell you that I miss you and that I think about you often.


I hope you miss me too.

I am going to write another post...a chipper one to make up for this nauseating vomit-inducing post. And yes I am still asking for forgiveness, since I really sincerly try to not use this as a forum to "whoa is me" it up. Sorry.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Simple Joys- Post It Notes

It is those little things that keep you going at work right? I have this strange love for my colored block of post-it notes. There is so rewarding moment of getting through one of the colors in the block. Today I used my last blue for awhile and have moved on to pink. Huazzah! Accomplishment! (humor me)

I am sure you can all tell me there is something like colored post-it notes that make you giddy at work?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Skiing Memories

This was the background on today. It brought back memories standing in line for what seemed like forever at Bogus when I was little waiting for the chairlift.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Loving You

Found this on the new blog I just can't stop reading...

But I love it.

(Image from inchmark)

Naming Game

I have been thinking about this for some time and I am wondering if it is time to potentially re-name and re-brand the blog. Tales from Washington DC seems a little less fitting as I have morphed my blog from being strictly about the going-ons of my new found DC life (and lets be realistic has been a year and a half later and while I know I still growing into this city and this city of the country I can say that my life here is now growing, and not just struggling to start anymore) to more of a compilation of my life, my thoughts, things I like, things I don't like, etc., that perhaps it is time to refocus the name of the blog to reflect the new me and the new direction of the blog? Thoughts? Opinions?

One idea I have had so far ( I haven't gone through any research to see if this is already in use and I am sure it is) is a play on Potato-Potato, or something that incorporates potato and apples (Idaho and Washington people). Maybe this is just all inspiration from another one of my new favorite blogs: Blackberries to Apples. Or if someone can come up with something about morphing from Drew to Andrea or anything else that incorporates the following nuggets of information: (Carly I am expecting some great suggestions from you)

Sun Valley

I am sure this is just the start of a discussion on renaming this blog, but at least it is on the table now. So there...contemplate. Ponder. Invent. Then let me know. Mk. Thanks.


I am always looking for new blogs to read. I great blog that I just yearn for postings from just makes my day.

Blogging is so personal and I love reading about other people's lives. Some of my favorite things about reading blogs are:

1) Getting new ideas and inspiration for cooking, decorating, clothes, gifts, crafts, my own blog postings, etc.

2) I love reading about people's families and what they are doing with them. I love hearing about people's family tradition, especially since the older I am getting the more I realize that you can't recreate the way you were raised and spent holidays and such, you do get the opportunity to invent your own traditions and special moments that you get to carry forward. I love "borrowing" people's traditions and incorporating them into my life.

3) I have always wanted to have a creative naming device for the people I talk about in my blog: Like using the letter of their first name to identify them ( C=Carly, W= Wyatt, etc) or using inside nicknames (Cliclean:Carly, Riot: Wyatt, CBear: Nicole) but I love seeing how other people talk about the people in their lives.

My latest blog fixation: Inchmark

You will love it! I can't stop reading it! Her kids are cute, everything in her life is cute and preppy and darling. She is so creative it makes me wish I never needed sleep so I could be as creative with every aspect of life as she is. Anyways, let me know if you have any blogs you think I should read. I am in particular need of some off-the-beaten-path-where-to-eat-and-do-cool-things-in-DC blogs.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love...Seriously?

Has anyone else noticed that this season of the Bachelor is really awful? Like really awful. I almost throw up watching Jake fly girls around in planes and give the supermodel a rose. It all is a little much. Hopefully the drama this season will provide some humorous relief.

However lets take a moment to pause and reflect about the idea of guys running around with long stem roses dishing them out to the women they wanted to get to know more. Can you imagine being handed a rose, just on a date, wondering what a guy is think... lets just take the guess work out of affections! I think this is a brilliant idea. Lets ruin real life with some fabulous reality tv show perspective!

Also if I could get some dream dates to go along with those roses to jade my perspective of the guy...that would be great too.

I don't mean to be a hater. Honestly I am a huge fan of the Bachelor, but I do have to laugh, as this season so far as been way over the top! Can't wait for the rest of it.

Monday, January 11, 2010


New Years...objectives. Resolutions overused. Of course we still have the 24 before 24 but sadly that is on the computer that doesn't turn on...hopefully we can retrieve that soon! But here they are:

1) More directed and focused effort regarding my job

2) Eat healthier and more physical activity--lost the post-college weight and use that gym membership!

3) Eat out less. Plan more meals, cook more often, and stop using dining out for social reasons...get more creative!

4) Go to church at least once a month. Its early yes but can I do it...yes.

5) Start/join a book club

6) Be more serious. The humor as a crutch thing getting old. I think anyways. Thoughts on this one?

7) Research grad school options. At least have a better idea of what I want to go back to school for.

Here is to a fabulous new year!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2009- Recap

The best part about this month was Alli's mom flying me to Seattle to see her for New Years and go to Portland to go bridesmaid dress shopping. It was so special to get to surprise some of my friends and spend that time with Alli since I hadn't see her since Stephanie's wedding!

Obama's inauguration has to be mentioned as a major highlight and also something I will remember for the rest of my life.

I also took a trip to San Fran in Feb. not for the best of reasons but I got to spend some time with my sister and my mom and her sister, Aunt Jackie. It was really neat to get to see the De Young and some beautiful art!

The very end of February Stephanie came to visit me and I had such a great weekend showing her DC and introducing her to my new friends!


My mom and her long time friend Victoria came out to visit me and Victoria's son Ben. We had a wonderful time doing all the DC tourist things. AND Ben arranged for us to take a tour of the capitol dome. It was by far one of the coolest things I have done in DC to date!


My boss, Jessica, gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, Adrienne which meant I started working fulltime while she was on maternity leave. This was all kicked off by Jason's rooftop Opening Day party for the Nats!


Always a favorite month for me! Birthday month! This year I celebrated in Jacksonville FL with Kendal and Stephanie. This was such a great trip! Beaches, Disneyland, Branding marks, beers with straws, Budweiser factory tour, and of course getting to be with two of my most favorite people!

Epic month. I became an AUNT!! Wyatt is such a blessing and I am so happy for my sister and Jon, they are such a beautiful family and Wyatt brings so many laughs and warm fuzzies to all of our lives!

I took a trip to Idaho so I could finally get to meet Wyatt. I have never been so in love with anything or anyone in my life!


Alli became a Mrs.! I was so honored to be a part of her wedding and share such a special memory with her and Sean. They are such a great couple and I know that this was the start of a long and wonderful marriage!


Big changes this month, the end of my college romance came to an end and I put on some major big girl pants finding a new apartment, moving and getting settled into real DC living. In the end it all came down to being "In it to win it" and I think I made so really good choices for the next chapter of my life.

Earlier in the month I also got the chance to go down to Chapel Hill and see one my littles, Mallory and spend a weekend stalking PNMs!

I also celebrating getting hired as a full-time HR Coordinator at my work! That was one of the biggest accomplishments of the year by far! I am still so happy with my job and my boss, I honestly could not have ended up working for a better company!

I got a blackberry. Haha. Ok not a highlight, but a big girl moment! I think Halloween this year was actually a lot of fun! I went as a "Hot Idaho Potato" and Erin through an awesome party where her and Paul rocked some amazing "where in the world is Carmen San Diego" costumes.

Earlier in the month I also got to sneak up to MD to see Kendal when she was visiting family and spent a great day shopping, gossiping and catching up!


Lindsey and Dan (now engaged!! Congrats guys!) came to visit me. I had a great time getting to know Dan and spend some time with Lindsey who I had not seen in over 3 years!

I also cooked my very own Thanksgiving dinner. Battled some cockroaches and got to take care of Puck the Husky!

Three glorious weeks in Idaho. I did a little skiing, saw a lot of friends, bonded with the family, spent not nearly enough time with Wyatt and celebrated my sister getting engaged!!! What a finish to 2009!


I think I might be needing these:

My uggs are on their last legs, having been a staple for many years now in keeping my toes nice and cozy. I think these are super cute with the bow. I saw a girl walking to work the other day wearing these and they look even better in person. The bow isn't as stiff as in the picture, so they almost have a ballet pointe shoe-esqu air about them (and we all know my affinity for anything that reminds me of ballet!). Now just to keep my eye out for them on sale!

Birthday Event

Last night I was lucky enough to get invited to Sam's birthday party, which was a wine tasting/pairing event at Willow Restaurant in Arlington. Sam put together a 7 course menu with wine pairings and it was delish!

Gougere with Truffle Butter
JD Merieau Bulles Brut Loire, France NV

Potato Latke with Beet & Goat Cheese Quenelle
Girard Sancerre Loire, France 2008

Bacon Wrapped Scallop with Rosemary Skewer
Gruner Veltliner

Proscuitto Fritter with Smoked Paprika Tomato Sauce
Brunelli Apricale Super Tuscan Italy 2007

Drunken Duck Flatbread
Carica “Kick RanehSyrah, Sonoma, California 2006

Vol au Vent Beef Wellington-Bacon Wrapped Duxelles with Mushrooms and Puff Pastry
Cadet Piola St. Emilion, France 2006

Buttermilk Blue Goat Cheese Crumble

After seven glasses of wine we headed to the Willow bar and had some small plates (I got a artichoke crab dip) and yet another good glass of wine. We then headed to Iota bar in Clarendon and put back a few more glasses of wine. (I think we can all properly agree there was a lot of wine last night).

Sam did a great job of putting this all together, I had an amazing time and really enjoyed the different wines and tasting them with the amazing food at Willow.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back in the 20009

Well we're back in the District. I have only cried twice today...probably a vast improvement over last Christmas when I returned, but I still feel a tad low. Flights were okay for the most part, if anything they seemed really fast which is strange. I put my new sheets on my bed (top cover and all!) and put away my suitcases, and yet I feel strangely lost. Hopefully work will distract me tomorrow. Ugh and can we all say that medical bills blow, and some medical offices really need to get their act together. Awesome welcome home mail.

Anyways, to hopefully get rid of the bad feelings and thoughts I am having, lets re-cap some awesome events during my trip home.

The big news is is lovely, beautiful, and amazing sister is tying the knot! Her boyfriend proposed on Christmas eve and they told us Christmas morning!! I am so excited for her and Jon!

For New Years Eve I decided instead of just hanging out and baking or something equally boring I made a impromptu trip to Sun Valley to be with Nicole and Wyatt. Wyatt was so smart, and he woke up at 11:45 pm to watch the ball drop in times square with Nicole and me! The next day we had a sorts of fun together and then Nicole and I went out to have a few drinks that night. We took Wyatt sledding...he was a riot!

I had such a great time getting to see Nicole, Jon and Wyatt again!! Well wish me luck tomorrow and lets all pray this "mood" I am in will disappear quickly!