Friday, May 20, 2011

Threading...No not a Needle

On my lunch I made a hair appointment for tomorrow (yay- finally get my bangs back!) at Frizzles in Alexandria. I had my hair cut there before Alli's wedding way back in the day and they did a great job. I usually don't make the effort to go out there but after my last lapse in judgement for a hair cut, it is time I have a good one to get it clean up for the final stretch of growing it out for Locks-Of-Love. I had intentions to get my hair trimmed, bangs re-shaped and defined, and then have my eyebrows done. Unfortunately they couldn't schedule the eyebrows with the haircut so I frantically starting looking into other option as my eyebrows have become a really unpleasant sight!

I did some yelping and googling on my lunch today and I came across a a series of really great Yelp! reviews for Dupont Threading. Ok...I had heard of threading. Never tried it. Kind of intrigued, kind of scared. But all the reviews indicated I could walk in and out within a half hour, it is less than a block away from my work, and under $20. I had to try it.

So I head over after work. Walk into the odd little basement shop was told to wait "3 minutes". It was less than that for wait. I immediately get called out for my negligent brow care practices. Warranted is all I will say. (Think Bert of Bert and Ernie here--just not a uni brow) So she sets to work. I would rate it a 4 on the pain scale. She of course asks if this was my first time having my brows threading. Um yes. That is why I am CRYING. Not crying like "oh wow I want to die" but like "oh wow that is my sinus passage".

In then end. 100% worth it. Brows look amazing, it was fast, I wasn't all puffy and no odd waxy chemicals or other stuff on my face. Success. Hot brows thank you very much.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


of emotions.....

Today was just an up and down of good/bad/ugly/crap/frustration/excitement/anger/happy/man/etc/etc/etc.. I left work to go to Jazzercise which was really good to work out some of frustration. However, then my night just ended in a grand finale of "this sucks".


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So I am no where near being able to classify myself as a "runner" but I yet again beat my last "best" run again tonight. Granted I am still frustrated beyond belief that I have not shed a single teensy weensy pound but I set out to run 5K and that is what I am trying to focus on. Hopefully somewhere along the line the pounds will start to go somewhere besides my hips. But we are making progress! That 5K finish line is getting closer and closer which is fantastic! AND this is the week where Erin and can check off that we completed 8 solid weeks of butt kicking Jazzercise. Annnnddd we have made a pact to pick it up again with a brief hiatus (as in we will be back in business in June--NO EXCUSES!)

I think I may be in need of some new shoes. It has been awhile since I replaced my shoes and I am starting to get to the point where running in worn out shoes will be bad news bears for this girls back, hips and old lady rejected dancer body. Put that on the list of "things I am saving for".

So I was thinking about really got my butt in gear with this "let's get in shape!" thing. Granted I knew I had let the Cheetos and cupcakes take an unhealthy place in my life and I was ready to get back to the body I enjoyed. But really did it was seeing Rachel over at Running Backwards in High Heels. Not only does she have on of those lives that I read about and think "wow... you are an awesome mom", but she posted the photo that really motivated me to take this all on. She posted this. I mean look at that skinny minnie! She is gorgeous! So I run. And run. and run. and jazzercise. And think twice about that pink of Cabernet blackberry sorbet I have in the freezer. And hopefully....someday....I will be a skinnie minnie. Someday.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Continued Wishes

In honor of seeing TMP this weekend (it was so exceptional as always! Trey continues to just produce incredible choreography that is so honest and beautiful) I think I would enjoy this:

7) TMP Hoodie

8) A idea which one but I am sure Idaho Camera can come to the rescue. All I know is I want a big fancy one. You know...the kinds that take amazing photos. You know something that looks like this:

9) A Wonderbar. Mine ran out and I sadly just not feeling like I have the extra cash to get a new one. It does wonders for my skin and it is hands down the best skin care investment I have EVER made.

Since it is bedtime I will dream up some more and get back to you all. After all it is my 25th (eek...still not sure how I feel about that!) so I feel like I can entertain my wildest wishes.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Life Has Been Changed

Sunday. Almost Monday. Sigh.

This weekend went by in the blink of an eye. I could use like 4 solid weekends in a row. There just isn't enough time to do everything! I have a growing personal to-do list and I seem to just barely check enough things off to maintain. I did manage to get some deep cleaning done around the apartment (saramarie- I can safely say the bathroom will look spectacular for your visit and Erica I will have the kitchen under control for us to whip up some cooking mastery!) yesterday. Today I didn't get nearly as much as I needed done but I did manage to make it to Trader Joe's to do a much needed food stock-up. While I was stocking up on some frozen food I came across these:

They are frozen, pre-measured, pre-chopped/prepared garlic, basil and cilantro!

Is anyone else just blown away by this? I can not tell you how many clumps of herbs I throw away because you buy it for one recipe and then the rest of it just sits in your fridge wilting away until it finally gets tossed in my bi-weekly fridge clean-outs. These are such a great idea! I am very excited to not throw away money on these herbs anymore!

This is the rest of the haul from TJ's today. It doesn't look like a ton, but there are three major portions of meat in there, a couple frozen meals, nuts, three bottles of wine (one was like $3.50), rolls, veggies, and oatmeal. I considered it a success and hopefully will keep me from buying a lot of lunches and taking any trips to the grocery for awhile.

We also encountered some awesome performers today in Old Town. Behold:

These guys took me back to my days of playing the fiddle. It may be time to bring the violin to DC so I can brush up on my skills. Andrew and I came up with the plan for me to fiddle my way through Italy. It should be great.

On a side note. Happy 160th Founders Day to all my ADPi's out there! I wish I had been in Seattle today to celebrate the day with everyone but I have plans to wear my pin to work tomorrow to show off some of my ADPi pride!
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Birthday Wishes

So we are way under the 25 days until my 25th (eep!) birthday!! That means....I can create my yearly unrealistic birthday wish list! (and maybe some realistic things thrown in there just because).

1) Diamonds by the Yard

I love anything simple and classic for jewelry. I love these simple floating diamonds- I could easily switch up with my usual pearls.
2) Medium North South Sac- Dooney & Bourke

This bag is so classic to me. I love the black, Cognac and Lime Green. I love how it is professional, but not too workish. Timeless, standard, versatile.

3) 4 Settings of Kate Spade New York "Market Street" China

 I would treasure this forever and could see myself entertaining my girlfriends for Sunday brunches and cups of tea.

Enough said.

5) How about some extravagant Book Ends?

6) While we are on Poodles....

That's what I have for tonight....

Let me sleep and dream of other extravagance

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Running Progress

Today was the first day I finally felt like I made some progress with my new running regime. It wasn't anything to brag or write home about I am sure from a true runners perspective but it was the longest stretch I have run without stopping to walk which felt great! I am hoping this is the start of a break through where I can really start to increase my time and distance.

I will say on the discouraging side. I have not lost a single pound! Not one! Which seems almost impossible since all my clothes have started to look better and fit a little loser, but really not a single pound! What gives!!?!? I know you are not supposed to depend on the scale but it is hard to ignore it and keep a positive attitude about all my focus on getting fit. Between Jazzercise, running and counting calories you would think some pounds should be coming off right?

As of yesterday there were 25 days until my 25th birthday, (eep! I'm old). But I am going to take these next 24 days to really push myself so I can celebrate my quarter of a century feeling really great about my body and self.

Well off to the park to do some GMAT studying in the perfect spring weather!

Happy Saturday!