Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Birthday Wishes

So we are way under the 25 days until my 25th (eep!) birthday!! That means....I can create my yearly unrealistic birthday wish list! (and maybe some realistic things thrown in there just because).

1) Diamonds by the Yard

I love anything simple and classic for jewelry. I love these simple floating diamonds- I could easily switch up with my usual pearls.
2) Medium North South Sac- Dooney & Bourke

This bag is so classic to me. I love the black, Cognac and Lime Green. I love how it is professional, but not too workish. Timeless, standard, versatile.

3) 4 Settings of Kate Spade New York "Market Street" China

 I would treasure this forever and could see myself entertaining my girlfriends for Sunday brunches and cups of tea.

Enough said.

5) How about some extravagant Book Ends?

6) While we are on Poodles....

That's what I have for tonight....

Let me sleep and dream of other extravagance