I'm and Idaho girl in a messed up DC world is the short of it. 

I've lived my fair share of places: Idaho, Seattle, Houston, Virginia and DC, and my heart and soul are drawn to the #bestcoast. By day I work for a technology company in my jammies (working from home is amazing) and by night I am a puppy-mama and want-to-be creative who loves to craft, blog, and bake. 

DC happened as I followed a guy across the country (worst.idea.ever), but I ended up creating a career for myself here and met another dude after I broke up with my college boyfriend. I am in my final few months of being in DC as one of the things I have grown and learned while being some place that doesn't nurture my soul is: don't wait, go and be happy because no one else is going to do it for you. 

My time in DC has been a mixture of highs and lows and I've learned a lot about myself, learned how to take care of myself and put on my big girl pants to stand up for myself. While I regret being away from what makes me- me, I know this was an experience I had to have to get to the point I am in life.

I blog about life (messy and funny), what I eat and bake (I'm not super talented as a chef but I can make a mean cupcake), and things that I love. 

Email me! Comment! Follow me! I love connecting with others and finding friends through this very small corner of the internet.