Sunday, January 25, 2009

A New Do For the Blog

Just like me getting a new hair style for the new year, I figured it was time to update the look of the blog. Miss. Stephanie found an awesome layout for her blog, so I decided to check out the website she found hers at. Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates has some beautiful and really cute layouts! I had a hard time picking which one I wanted to use (hence the poll, vote to let me know if you like it, if not I had a lot of other options I really liked!).

Monday, January 19, 2009


Friday rolled around again at the office. The air conditioner in the room with the servers broke, so most of the day was completely unproductive. But I did get a few things done that I needed to do later in the day. I left work earlier than usual and met people from the office at Porters, which was a block and a half away. I had a few Woodchuck, something-or-rather ciders, by far not my favorite. A little too sweet and none of that crisp finish that makes you thirsty for more. After discussing Idaho potatoes, some cheese going up someones nose, and the usual large tab, we headed to Buffalo Billiards.

Buffalo Billiards was large, slightly cliche with its "western" decor and "saloon" seating. However I will not complain too much, they did have a decent bottled cider, (** ask co-worker/friend what the name of it was) and due to the multiple bars, it was very easy to get a drink. There was entertainment...pool, shuffle board, annnndd....................Big Buck Hunter Pro.

Co-worker/friend was kind enough to let me have a learning experience and discover first hand the appeal of BBHP. Now the first time I saw this game I will say I laughed at every person who played it, thinking there was no way that the game was anything but redneck and ridiculous. Oh how I was wrong.
Ridiculous- hardly
Addicting and amusing- most definitely.

Getting my BBHP game on.

My first shot at it was rather embarrassing. My days of duck hunting really did me no good as I was too timid and delicate with my weapon. But once those buck/animals start getting away my aggression picked up and you I started going "Palin" on those bucks. Yes I felt ridiculous, and cliche (Idaho moves to East coast only to wind up playing virtual hunting games. Riiiight.) but I also really enjoyed playing. The game is non-bloody (perhaps making you feel less like a serial buck hunter) and amusing to watch, and the only thing that makes me kind of sad is the little bunny rabbits that kind of combust when you shoot them.

Co-worker/friend shooting up some bucks.

Victory also made a small appearance during the night, as I won one game (co-worker/friend let me win I am fairly sure--but I still enjoyed the feeling).

You can see my initials at the top of the screen! Yea that's right, I'm a BBHP champ.

I am definitely a Big Buck Hunter Pro fan.

Shaina Twain has also found its way back on to my Itune playlist.

And since I hardly can do justice to describing the game and its place in Washington D.C. culture, talked about co-worker/Friend (yes the one and only) has agreed to do a guest appearance on my blog! So stay tuned for his words of wisdom and insight on BBHP.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cute Spoons

For graduation I had received an Anthropolgie (one of my favorite, and too pricey for me right now stores) gift card. Online I found measuring cups and spoons in the shapes of animals. The measuring cups were geese and the measuring spoons were giraffes. I debated ordering them for a long time and then for Christmas my mom bought them for me. They are so cute! I can hardly wait to bake with them!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just a Friday Night with Big Buck Hunter Pro

On Friday I was invited to go to Mackey's, a bar just around the corner from my office. After a beer or two the crowd started to head home and I decided to go meet up with a co-worker/friend in Chinatown for a few more drinks. I met him at a Rocket Bar which I was pleasantly surprised to find was busy, but crazy crowded for a Friday night. There were three large bars, which made getting a drink a breeze and then of course there was the entertainment...

This is something I really have to laugh at just because of where I come from. There is a game, I am sure some of you have seen it, Big Buck Hunter Pro. I have seen it in a few bars around D.C., but had no idea how much people really enjoyed this game. My co-worker and his friends are really into it. Now having never played, I was satisfied just watch them get all crazy with a plastic shotgun. I will say the game is really amusing with one exception. When there are little bunnies being the target I get kind of a bad feeling in my stomach. But other than that, watching some animated bucks fly through the air and fall to their impending oddly entertaining.

After Rocket Bar we headed to get a bite to eat. After failing to get into Matchbox (so good) we went to a place called Ella's. I was instantly a happy camper when I saw they had Rogue Dead Man's Ale from Portland on their menu. Everyone ordered pizza, but thanks to my "23 before 23" Number 1, I stuck with an appetizer of homemade tortellini filled with butternut squash served with fresh sage butter sauce and crumbled amaretti, which was absolutely delicious. It was a little on the small side for dinner, but the price and flavor were great.

After some food my co-worker kindly stayed with my in Chinatown so I wouldn't have to figure out a cab and risk missing the metro and all that jazz and took me to Rosa Mexicano. At first sight I was a little turned off by the decor behind the bar. What originally looked like pink cheetah print on the walls was actually rose petals ( as I was informed by my co-worker) at which is became much more appealing. The selling point- the pomegranate Margarita. I ordered, turned to talk to said co-worker, turned around again, and magically my drink had appeared. It was delicious and a fabulous shade of pink!

A spectacular unplanned evening.

A Look Back at 2008

I am going to steal this idea from a few of my friends who have already posted similar postings on their blogs. A lot has happened in a year and it is always interesting to write it down and see where you came from and what you have done. So here it is, my reflection on 2008

January 2008:

I officially handed over my Presidency early in the month and instantly had more time, and a lot less stress than I was used to. I moved into my new room and found a lot of time to hang out with friends. Alli also hosted our unforgettable wine and cheese party.


Alli took me on a great adventure to Revelstoke B.C. for a weekend of skiing with her family. I learned that speed doesn't hold up in the trees, and enjoyed spending time with her family and drinking fine wine.

Carly and I attended the "Almost Famous" dance as Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan.


Alex and I spent spring break in D.C. checking out places to live, sight-seeing, and getting acquainted with our soon-to-be new place of residence. I had a long break this year and was able to go to Houston after D.C. where we spent Easter together. (I enjoyed the egg dying more than Alex)


Stephanie returned home from her study abroad program in Rome and surprised us with her engagement to her now husband, Phil!

By far one of my favorite memories from Senior year occurred when we spent a weekend in Longbeach, WA at Carly's beach house. Since my parents read this I will spare the details of the debauchery, but we had a great time and played a ton of catch phrase!

My final Black Diamond was epic. The Senior women really knew how to go all out at a dance and my date was a a great sport. "I am a Senior! I am a tank!"


Was very busy.

I started the month with my final trip to Houston to attend a wedding for Alex's co-worker's daughter. It was at the historic Houstonian Hotel and Alex surprised me with a early birthday gift by reserving a room for us at the hotel.

Not able to go home for mother's day, Stephanie and I spent a day at Safeco field to watch the Mariners. We also fell in love with Fro-Yo, an addiction that lasted till we parted ways after graduation!

My mom came over for my sororities annual mother daughter luncheon which was a great finish to my four years in the house. And for those who are wondering...yes, I do missing talking to Gretchen on the phone. My mom and I had some of the best weather for her visit. We were able to do the Ride the Ducks tour, something we had planned to do but hadn't gotten around to. We also went to one of my favorite Seattle Restaurants on Alki, Cactus, for dinner one night.

Another wonderful Senior memory was being invited to Alli's family's beach house on San Juan Island. Kendal, Alli, Sean and myself spend some wonderful days exploring the island. Playing in tidal pools, ping pong marathon (" I PLAY LOSER"), seeing a beyond-description yacht, a brief hike, playing with Alpacas, and WHALE WATCHING! The whole weekend had almost passed, but just in time we got to see three orca whales swimming right around our boat. It was an experience I will never forget!

The month concluded with Senior Swami- which I doubt a lot of the seniors remember. AND....My BIRTHDAY (much more laid back than last year!)


My parents and sister came over and my mom treated us to a family vacation to Victoria BC for a tour of the Butchart Gardens (so beautiful!) and a wine tasting tour.

And then on 14th, I took my first steps into the real world and graduated from the University of Washington with a B.A. in Business Administration and a minor in Dance.

Unfortunately this was also the point where I had to say my goodbyes and prepare to pick my life up and move to the other side of the country.

For the rest of June I spent time at home in Idaho and went on a 10 day rafting trip with my parents down the main fork of the salmon river.


Alex flew to Idaho and we spend some final days with my parents before we packed as much as we could into my car and started our 2.5 week journey across the US.

In Denver we got to see my old exchange student, and one of my best friends, Javier for a night. In Houston we moved Alex out of his apartment and then set out for a friend's wedding in Illinois. We learned how to not go crazy driving on two blown wheel bearings for over 300 miles. We backed tracked to Branson to see Alex's grandparents- a major blessing in hindsight! And the continued on our way to land in Virgina.


Started my job search and moving into our new apartment.


Was still on the job search.

I flew to Seattle to attend Steph's wedding. The first one of the pledge class to get married! It was a great event and Stephanie looked stunning!


I found my job!! Which was a long time in the making. After interview after interview I had given up finding a great job...and then I landed my job that I love love love!

We hosted our first house guest at the end of the month. As a friend from high school moved to DC herself. Making me feel a little more at home, having someone I knew here.



ANNDD.... Kendal came to visit me! We did a speed tour of D.C. sights to see which I think almost killed both of our feets! But it was so great to get to see her.


A much needed trip to Idaho to be with my family. And a surprise from Alli which resulted in a trip to Seattle/Portland.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Job of my Dreams

While I do love my job and my place of employment...

I think I want this job

I will invite you all to come visit!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why Dogs Bite People

My dad occasionally sends me emails titled "Why Dogs Bite People" with photos of dogs dressed up in costumes and other random garb. ( I would bite someone if they made me look like that too!) Anyways, over my vacation I spent a lot of time with the poodle and here is my attempt at Why Dogs Bite People:

Nothing like the old put-the-toy-on-the-poodle's-head trick

A little irritated

The last one is my favorite. Theo's face says it owners are crazy.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Blech. Woke up Saturday morning after an amazing night out (more details once I start feeling better) with a nasty sore throat and other awful symptoms. I literally was awake maybe 6 hours yesterday.

Today the throat is a little better (hurah--probably not strep then) but I don't feel much better. Luckily it is probably just a nasty case of a cold, which makes it so I don't have to use money I don't have to go to the doctor, but also means I have to struggle through with just some Tylenol and cold medicine.

It is also super lame to not have a TV to keep me entertained while I feel like death! boo.

Hopefully I will turn a corner sometime today and be ready for the week ahead.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Finally....Some photos!

So as promised (but much later than intended) are some photos from my office Holiday Party.

We were welcomed by our logo in lights!

And then there was the actual party...which only one picture was taken...

And then there was the after party...

Complete with a stolen ice sculpture....

Followed by some more awkward photos...

And on our way out, it look like a scene from Titanic where the ice sculpture had hit the wall...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

23 Before 23/New Years Resolutions

Instead of doing New Years resolutions I have tried to make a list of things to do before my next birthday. This year it is 23 before 23. I have been really behind this year on creating a list...and having a little difficulty thinking of things this year, even though I know the possibilities are endless! Well here it is, it usually changes, if I hear a new idea I like better, or to make the goals more specific! If you have any ideas for me let me know, because as you can see I am still needing two more things to do!

1) Lost 10 pounds
2) Get hired full time
3) Make my 100th posting
4) Start 52 Card Pick Up
5) Start volunteering somewhere
6) Stop biting my nails
7) Only drink 1 soda/week
8) Do not check facebook for 1 week
9) Turn my cell phone off for three days
10) Donate my hair to Locks of Love (completed- December 2008)
11) Take one photo a day for a month and make a photo album
12) Go to the top of the Old Post Office Tower (November 2008)
13) Complete a scrapbook
14) Only drink water as a beverage for 1 week
15) Read 20 books
16) Do not eat meat for two weeks
17) No alcohol for one month
18) Host a dinner party
19) Start studying for the LSATs
20) Take a trip somewhere I haven't been before
21) Send 5 friends hand made greet cards

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Vacation

Keeping up with my posts has not exactly been going well since I have been home in Idaho! I have much to catch up on. In brief:
I came home and spend a few days Christmas shopping before....

We headed to Sun Valley for Christmas and to see my sister and then....

I came home for what I thought was going to be a boring, uneventful New Years only to....

Find myself in Seattle and was able to spend some glorious time with my girls and then....

Came home for Theo Dog's 7th Birthday today!!

I have many more details on Christmas, New Years/ Seattle, and some of my resolutions!!