Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Favorite

Before I moved I had one of the greatest coffee shop/cares in the world about a 3 minute walk from my apartment. Granted, now I am 10 minutes away, but that convenience is missed! Tryst, is as close as you are going to get to the "FRIENDS" coffee shop in real life. Mis-matched furniture of ugly castaway couches and wing backed chairs, mixed with good food, great coffee, and a bar for those after work moments. It is one majorly redeeming part of DC for me. It may beat out many of the coffee shops I haunted in college in Seattle! Seriously!

It is a favorite of mine for studying (pretty sure I passed my PHR because of Tryst), reading, Internet browsing, and hanging out with friends. I can be found at Tryst a lot.

A favorite of mine, is Tuesday nights at 8pm. The musical talents of Wytold are free, and created the perfect atmosphere to sip a glass of white, eat a cookie, or dinner, and unwind. Wytold layers melodies on his 6 string electric cello with the help of a foot pedal that loops melodies, while he layers on top of existing ones. It is beautiful.

If Trey and him were to collaborate...I have one word....magic. (Trey...I'd be glad to hook you up, if you want to hire me ;))

So tonight I am enjoying dinner, a glass of wine, followed with a cookie and diet coke.
If you visit me. Make me take you here.
Hope your Tuesday is just as relaxing!

"Royalist" Behavior

So much hype for this Royal Baby! I, like hundreds of thousands of non-true-"royalists", am so anxious awaiting the arrival of Will & Kate's little one. It seems like just yesterday I woke up at 3:30 am to watch the Royal Wedding and obsessing over the multitude of souvenirs I wanted to buy. 

I'll admit it. I am hoping it is a girl. Not only because I think Kate's fashion picks for a little girl would be out of control adorable, but also that whole if-it-is-a-girl-she-will-still-be-third-in-line-despite-being-female thing. I mean that's big! You want to talk about some serious Lilly Ledbetter equality happening here? (ha! Ok I kid!) but really, anytime women get the moment to shine--I am all for it!

Not nearly as exciting as Kate's dress, but the name is also on the mind. Diana? Too much, if you ask me. Perhaps as one of those 2-3-4 or middle name deals, but I have a feeling Will won't be pushing for that as a first name. I am hoping they stay classy, but modern. Elizabeth and Victoria just seem...outdated for what Will & Kate represent. The new face and future of the monarchy? Out of the ones that are floating around, my vote is in for Alexandra, Charlotte, Anne and Margaret are at the top of my list for them.

In the meantime, I will continue to obsessively refresh my twitter feed and pray that nothing too exciting happens while I am asleep! Too bad Kate is so good at waiting...

I have also loved watching Alison Jackson's look-alike photos over the past few weeks!


Monday, July 15, 2013


You like me? You really really like me???

(or maybe not)

Well, if you DO like me...then follow me! With the demise of Google Reader I followed step in finding a new way to keep track of all the fabulous blogs I follow! I also set myself up to there is a GIANT button over there to the right (yea, see it now??), so you can make sure you don't miss one single post filled with my sassy, snarky, emotional, and riveting content. So just...click on over. I personally have really enjoy bloglovin, and I hope you will too!

28 before 28

I can hardly type 28 without getting hives. I won't lie, the big Two Seven kind of scared me. I am still a little shook up about it.
I feel like there is no turning back at this point. Ya know what I mean? Kind of like, I have to make sure that the what's, who's, when's, where's, and why's are all making sense. And maybe I didn't feel like they really are ( oh who am I kidding, I know they aren't making sense.) So I got a little sick to my stomach about this latest birthday. Thanks to my family, boyfriend, and friends, I had an amazing actually birthday day, one of the best I can remember in a long time.
But my stomach is still knotted.
Some big things have happened recently, and I don't mean to be cryptic about it, but the 5Ws are blatantly not making sense these days.
I know only I can change that. What happened recently illustrates that point so well, it felt almost like the universe giving me a nice slap across my face to wake me up. What I've known all along is that I have to be ready and acting on the desire to have change. No one else can do that for me.
So I usually try to do by age by age goal list every year. Last years didn't even get finished being put together, but I did check some items off. I've certainly had some better years, ........ Doing these lists.
This year I thought it better to not focus on 28 specific things I think will help me grow, experience more, and have a rich life, but to look at the big picture. Get my 5Ws out in the front, and made to be what I want.
I want to make the changes this year that I know will let me live the life I want.
There isn't a magic answer to this, or even a game plan, but I want to think of this year as a time to focus on how I can accomplish the changes I wish to see in my life.
I want to free myself up from the worry, anxiety and doubt that I have with doing any drastic. I want to make bold decisions. No matter how scary, seemingly "risky", or unpopular they are. If it helps me figure out my Where's, why's and such, the I want to think about it and make decisions.
I don't have the answer of what I want my life to specifically look like, but I crave change, I need changes, and I think I know some of the changes I need. I want to make those decisions. I want to turn 28 next year and know that I did this year thinking about the future. Thinking about that I want to not see it as being scared about not being able to turn back. but to know I went forward. Upward. Onward.
A previous years goal list here.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Mini Golf Date at The National Building Museum

Last year the National Building Museum created a Mini Golf course that featured various holes sponsored and designed by various members of the architect, design and planning community. Unfortunately, we never made it to play last year, so when I heard the museum had created two new courses this year I immediately knew this was on the must-do list!

We decided to go this past weekend and top it off with a little custard date at the Dairy Godmother (It was Mint Oreo- the BF's favorite). Due to the crowds, we decided to only do one of the courses, but saved our admission ticket so we can go back and do the second one some night at work.

*If anyone is wondering who won...It wasn't me. Shy by one putt!