Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Royalist" Behavior

So much hype for this Royal Baby! I, like hundreds of thousands of non-true-"royalists", am so anxious awaiting the arrival of Will & Kate's little one. It seems like just yesterday I woke up at 3:30 am to watch the Royal Wedding and obsessing over the multitude of souvenirs I wanted to buy. 

I'll admit it. I am hoping it is a girl. Not only because I think Kate's fashion picks for a little girl would be out of control adorable, but also that whole if-it-is-a-girl-she-will-still-be-third-in-line-despite-being-female thing. I mean that's big! You want to talk about some serious Lilly Ledbetter equality happening here? (ha! Ok I kid!) but really, anytime women get the moment to shine--I am all for it!

Not nearly as exciting as Kate's dress, but the name is also on the mind. Diana? Too much, if you ask me. Perhaps as one of those 2-3-4 or middle name deals, but I have a feeling Will won't be pushing for that as a first name. I am hoping they stay classy, but modern. Elizabeth and Victoria just seem...outdated for what Will & Kate represent. The new face and future of the monarchy? Out of the ones that are floating around, my vote is in for Alexandra, Charlotte, Anne and Margaret are at the top of my list for them.

In the meantime, I will continue to obsessively refresh my twitter feed and pray that nothing too exciting happens while I am asleep! Too bad Kate is so good at waiting...

I have also loved watching Alison Jackson's look-alike photos over the past few weeks!


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