Friday, April 29, 2011

The Wedding Of the Century

I am up! Snuggled on the couch, switching between every channels various footage of the Royal Wedding!! I can hardly wait for the dress to be revealed!

I can't believe today is here!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Couch to SomethingK

So I have kindorsortof taken up running. Or rather am attempting to take up running. Everything I have read about this venture is to start slow. Now I used to be in really good shape. Like really really really good shape. 5 nights a week of dancing followed up with gym work outs and the throw in some skiing for good measure. But I have never been a runner so this is a whole knew adventure for me and my very out of shape body. Luckily Jazzercise has helped me through that initial shock phase that I think happens when you go from couch surfing to the gym, but I still have a long ways to go before I am a "runner". Baby steps right?

I am shooting for 2-3 days at the gym while I still have Jazzercise classes and then when those are over we will up gym visits to 3-4 (1 hour visits). Luckily my new found work/life balance with the new job actually allows for this and I think it is realistic. I have also really lucked out and my apartment building has the perfect "home" gym with a few ellipticals, a treadmil, bike, weights and room to do stretches and free weights. Much more enjoyable then going to the grimy Bally that I used to belong to! I am not sure what my running goals are per se. Right now I am shoot to run 5K but I am not going to put a time limit on it, I just want to run it at some point.

I am hitting a wall with my music selection. I am operating with some very outdated music and I really need to put together a few really good mixes that will keep me energized and pushing forward with my running regimen. Anyone have any workout music suggestions for me?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life Sights

I saw this guy the other day when I was walking home from Jazzercise.

That dog has to be at least 120 pounds and he was seriously over half way out the window! I started to walk away after a did a double take but I back tracked to creepily take a picture because I knew it was just too good to walk away from.

On an unrelated note I was trying to get my closet under control. (It really is amazing how messy I can make that small little room--I am debating showing you all a picture but I am going to decide against it so there can be no hating on me). Anyways, I m going through my middle dresser drawer to see if there is anything I can part with and to fold my plethora of T-shirts that after months just get tossed around and jumbled. But I pull out ALL the clothes in the drawer, get to the bottom, and discover this appalling sight:

Yes that is the bottom of the drawer that has collapsed. This is just a documented proof that IKEA furniture (especially the really really cheap stuff) has a total of three moves in it before it just loses its ability to function.

So now we are on the hunt for a new (but very affordable dresser) or a role of duct tape to put this baby back together. (Right now I am leaning towards the role of duct tape!).

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Royal Wedding Jitters

I have joined all the other women across the world who are obsessed with the upcoming nuptials of Wils and Kate. I love a good wedding. But oh goodness...give me a royal one and I lust with interest. While I am counting down the days, I am checking out some of the memorabilia.

Who wouldn't want a Catherine Engagement Doll? I want one!

Pez dispensers

Kiss me Kate Beer:

I actually really really really want the stamps if I can get my hands on them:

Has anyone else found anything just fabulous for the royal wedding??
I feel like a write a lot of these posts. And maybe that is a sign. But yesterday was anything but the great Easter I had in mind or remembered as a child. Yes, I know there is a time that the little fledgling needs to fly out of the nest, build their own life and start their own traditions and holiday memories. Sometimes I do this well. I have survived 4 Thanksgivings without my family. Fourth of July I have done just fine. And then BAM---Easter...out of nowhere has me crying big crocodile tears and hiccuping with snot flying all over (too graphic maybe?). I'm not sure what set me off this year. Easter growing up was nothing short of magical like all holidays in my house. My sister and I were just talking last night about how we would wake up to huge Easter baskets set out on the table. Giant stuffed animals (ask me about the bunny that pretty much made my childhood) and Easter dresses with bow socks. That puts some pretty high expectations on a holiday! 

Part of me feels like I am ground to nothing with my life here in DC. I have such a strong pull to pack my bags and just head back so I am not missing out on family moments and memories. And then the stubborn streak in me (hard to imagine huh?) tells me to stay--to stick it through. 

I'm running out of steam here. And I have no idea what the next part/chapter/section/move of my life is supposed to be. I don't feel like I even have a clue. And maybe that is beauty of yesterday. Here I am wondering, looking around me for the answers to these huge parts of my life and the reality is that I need to trust in Him.

Monday, April 25, 2011

A (Hank)ering

Em and I took a after work splurge and went to one of my favorite DC spots: Hank's Oyster Bar. Our service was sadly some of the worst I have EVER had at a restaurant and I hope that I never get the serve we had. We felt horribly unwelcome and like we were ruining the guys night. Ummm...last time I checked, you were the one who signed up to be a waiter buddy. And while we were ordering oysters in small batches and some sides we had a decent amount of flash....our bill was worth your time. And oh won't get great tips being a jerk. Just

Anyways now that I am done with my rant. (Hank's I hope you never ever ever ever do that to me again).

But without fail the oysters were amazing. I am already starting to drool just thinking about them. Take a look at some of our succulent delights.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Was Getting On The Bus...And I Saw Her

Isn't she spectacular? And my favorite colors. Sigh. Granted I have been looking for a new bag. But not a bag that would cost my liver to obtain!! (Then again maybe I can give up happy hours for the bag? Just kidding. sort of.)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gush. Relish. Bask.

So this twitter, tweet, bleep, burp, whateveriammostrecentlyaddictedtointhesocialmedia amazing.

So you all know this guy:

image:via wikipedia and can we say....SO Yum!
Or you should. Or I won't be friends with you anymore. Anyways---he is adorable. His wife--lucky lucky lucky. And they have a new baby. And he got emotional when he won. Basically--I adore.

ANYWAYS. I tweet, he tweets, we all tweet. And he mentioned catching up with his sister. So me...I check out his sister's twitter. AND she is an HR person!!!!! O.M.G. . I tweet at her or whatever it is called.

She tweets back.

I feel special.

Yes I nerd out on HR. Yes I adore RB. And now....I adore his sister.

Check it:

And to be fair- Lori made my day.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Future Dentist

My other visitor from this month was another E. As some of you remember (yea way way way back when I actually used to blog) E lived in DC this past summer to do an internship on the hill. It was a great opportunity for us to re-connect and catch up as we have were pretty much raised together. I love how we can see each other and it is like no time has passed at all. E was in town this time for a dental lobbying event and it was really great to meet a fellow dental student of hers. She told me all about what she is working on it school and I guarantee she is going to be a fantastic dentist!

We had some great time together catching up, eating some great food, and seeing some wonderful things. A highlight for me was getting to go inside one of the amazing historic homes in Alexandria as she has a relative who lives in one of them. It was spectacular and beautiful. It smelled old and important. I swear. That same day we got invited to an impromptu dinner party hosted by Ben and it was a blast! Ben can do some amazing work in his crock pot!

We did get to do some DC touristy stuff:

E's friend who was with us had some good restaurant taste and wanted to eat at Zatinya, that I had only had drinks at before. We had a great meal which included grape leaves, goat (yes as in the animal that goes aghhhhhh).

I was sad to see E leave as well. I just don't do well with goodbyes these days. But I also love that she is living in one of the best cities on the Best Coast, so I know I will likely see her soon. Love that lady!

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Burrito and An Eggroll

So this past month has been packed with visitors (ok not packed but considering I keep a fairly small social circle--to have TWO visitors in one month is pretty "packed" for me).

Erica--who writes an amazing blog btw. Check her out. just left on Sunday (yes I cried as per usual when friends depart). We had a couple wonderful days together just chatting, getting caught up on each others lives, cooking some amazing food, eating some tasty brunch, and snuggling in bed since I am cover stealer.

I probably appreciate more at this point in my life more than ever the simple joy of sipping coffee with a girlfriend and just chatting. I knew I had it great growing up with a great group of friends and then in college meeting an otustanding group of women who I know will be entwined in my life more than I think even I will ever be able to full comprehend. But you take it for granted...until you don't have it anymore. Yes, all my girls are just a phone call, skype, text, email away...but that simple delight of just grabbing coffee, lunch, making dinner, drinking a whole bottle of wine is something that just isn't at my fingertips like it was in college living here in DC. I do have some amazing girlfriend here in DC, but my DC lends to a lot of work, and sometimes not as much personal stuff as I would like. Anyways. You get the point. Having Erica here was amazing and I miss her a lot already. And I am also so glad she is safe and doing what she needs to be doing for her right now.

Some highlights from the trip include this amazing dinner we just kind of whipped up on the fly. I had the fixins to make this pasta sauce that was handed to me by AlliBear's mom awhile back, and then Erica got me this great little cookbook that comes from a moment in NYC to have accessible fresh produce. From that we made a roasted veggie salad served over spinach with a garlic vinaigrette sauce (yes we made that--i know right!!?)

We also had a great series of photos that spawned from this conversation:

A: Ugh I am so bad about taking photos! We don't have a single picture of us together from your time here.
E: *shrugs*
A: Well I have my little camera
E: I'm asian I rock at taking the self portraits with the extended arm.

(Or something like that)

Which resulted in this:

 This one jusdt didn't do it for me.
 So then we took this gem. Yes you can see up my nose.
 We were drinking coffee and I look like I had a gallon of wine.
 Excited Erica.
 Ok maybe there was something in the coffee?
 Getting there
 My "excited eyes"
In the end. Not bad.

So special.

We did enjoy a wonderful brunch at Belga Cafe which has been on my list of places to dine at for awhile now. I will 100% be going back as I didn't want to order six menu items--but they sounded so good!

I was so glad to see Erica and I selfishly hope she moves somewhere close so I can see more of her! But for now, I just savor the days I get to spend with my friends!

This is how I Blog Best

I have lacked the energy, time and motivation to update this thing. Which I really should be better about. 1) I read other people's blog and I love reading the accounts of their lives. 2) I love to go back through my blogs and re-read about my life. Tonight I turned off the TV (ok so maybe TiVo is to blame?) and started typing. sure enough--I was able to do it. Just like riding a bike huh?

But I do best with some of the staples above.

  • Water. Trying to get my daily intake in!
  • Snack--peanuts tonight's
  • Wine. Enough said.
  • Not pictured--a good Pandora station.
Updating the blog is like doing a HUGE pile of laundry. I know I need to---and I know I want to so I can wear those clothes again--and when it is done I feel great. It is just the committing to it. Turning off the TiVo or the netflix and opening up the laptop. This is where Brooke is getting some major snaps right now. This month she is going to try to blog EVERY DAY!. Now that is some serious inspiration for me!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Can anyone believe I have been at my new job for over a month now? Really? Where has time gone?!? Obviously I can say that the new job is going very well and I am settling in nicely to the new role, new environment and new co-workers. (I still get a little misty eyed thinking about my old co-workers) But overall I know I made the right decision and I am very happy with where things are going.

I suddenly just lost blogging steam ( I have been horrible at exercising my blogging creativity for awhile now!) so we are going to switch to some bullets.

  • I am loving my window. I had no idea that some rays of sunshine could really lift my mood like they do!
  • My work schedule is different. I think I am much more in a morning routine and the "evening" routine is yet to be figured out, but I have been getting home earlier, squeezing in some jazzercise with Erin and managing to walk home a lot more to save some money and burn some extra calories.
  • I am finding out just how shy I can feel and be! I know it always takes me a little why to open up to people and be my outgoing self to get to know them. Basically I need to get on this ASAP since everyone is super nice...I am just super shy. Shocking huh?
  • What lady now has an iPhone and a super cute KS polka dot case? That's right...this one! I exercised some self control for a few days and then all went out the window.
  • My wardrobe does not quite meet expectations right now. While I am holding my own with what is on hand I never really took note of how casual and youthful my wardrobe actually was. This weekend we purchased a new all purpose black dress, a black and white tailored skirt, black flats, and nice jeans for "casual" Friday. I still have a lot of work to do to getting me looking like the part but we are making progress.
  • I think the one thing I can say I really enjoy at this point is that each day I am constantly reminded of people's gratitude and how I am really an integral part of the group and my position has real meaning.
Hopefully things will keep moving along in this positive direction because I am really excited for what the future holds in this new position.