Monday, April 25, 2011

A (Hank)ering

Em and I took a after work splurge and went to one of my favorite DC spots: Hank's Oyster Bar. Our service was sadly some of the worst I have EVER had at a restaurant and I hope that I never get the serve we had. We felt horribly unwelcome and like we were ruining the guys night. Ummm...last time I checked, you were the one who signed up to be a waiter buddy. And while we were ordering oysters in small batches and some sides we had a decent amount of flash....our bill was worth your time. And oh won't get great tips being a jerk. Just

Anyways now that I am done with my rant. (Hank's I hope you never ever ever ever do that to me again).

But without fail the oysters were amazing. I am already starting to drool just thinking about them. Take a look at some of our succulent delights.


  1. Fresh oysters on the shell - yes please! Looks amazing! p.s. 3 more days!!!!!

  2. bummed i didn't get to try them when i was in DC. next time!