Monday, April 11, 2011

This is how I Blog Best

I have lacked the energy, time and motivation to update this thing. Which I really should be better about. 1) I read other people's blog and I love reading the accounts of their lives. 2) I love to go back through my blogs and re-read about my life. Tonight I turned off the TV (ok so maybe TiVo is to blame?) and started typing. sure enough--I was able to do it. Just like riding a bike huh?

But I do best with some of the staples above.

  • Water. Trying to get my daily intake in!
  • Snack--peanuts tonight's
  • Wine. Enough said.
  • Not pictured--a good Pandora station.
Updating the blog is like doing a HUGE pile of laundry. I know I need to---and I know I want to so I can wear those clothes again--and when it is done I feel great. It is just the committing to it. Turning off the TiVo or the netflix and opening up the laptop. This is where Brooke is getting some major snaps right now. This month she is going to try to blog EVERY DAY!. Now that is some serious inspiration for me!


  1. Lol no one said you have to be a frequent blogger, just update every once in a while! :) I'm happy if I can do one a week!

  2. I'll take whatever I can get from the Tales of WashDC! Thanks for the shout-out, every day posts are tough! :)