Sunday, June 21, 2009

Some Wyatt

My dad sent these to me today. I am so in love with this little guy! I have one darling nephew!
(Ps. just bought my plane ticket to go see him July 8th-14th!)
So little!


Mom and Wyatt. She still has baby glow!

Grandpa/Dad and Wyatt (aka Lil' Vandal)

My Wedding

Ok no one I am not getting me. Anyways with all my friends getting married and me constantly on, today I stumbled across a dress that is very far from what I ever imagined me falling in love with. But I am in love. Or maybe lust. Time will tell, but it is oh so beautiful!
Can't we just imagine it in my SV Wedding with the poodles and snow!
Loving the train and asymmetry

Did I mention it has sequins!

Now while looking at Jim Hjelm's website after finding the above gem on I found this gorgeous dress which is more typical of my tastes.


I'll keep you posted when I have the ring ;)

Friday, June 19, 2009

This Makes me Feel Better about Living in DC

A blog dedicated to making fun of Hill Interns...fabulous.

Please read. It is hilarious.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Doctor's Visit

Well I finally bit the bullet and went to the doctor to have some blood work done to see if I could referred to a endocrinologist, or any type of specialist besides a general physician to look into this Thyroid business.

2 1/2 hours later....

I was given 5 minutes with a doctor where he didn't even let me finish my sentences or my explaining my symptoms. Also told me that the "smallest I can get is going to be best" (he referenced weight under 100 pounds...) ummm no.

My arm looks like I got in a fight there are so many bruises from the stupid blood test that they had to jab my arm like 50 times to get it right.

I sat in the waiting room for an hour before they even asked for my identification or health insurance....

needless to say it was a nightmare experience.

I am disgruntled and unhappy.

Luckily I have 90210 to keep me occupied for the afternoon.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pioneer Cabin

A strange post but I thought it something to document. When I was little I use to hate hiking. I mean we are talking would pretty much break down in tears if my family voted to take a hike when we were in Sun Valley for a weekend. Luckily my parents used to bride me with fruit snacks to go and in hindsight I am so glad I actually got to see some of the beautiful things I did. Naturally, now I crave a good hike and some time with nature.

One hike that sticks out in my mind was a climb to Pioneer Cabin just outside of Sun Valley. This was a long hike of like 13 miles each way or something incredibly daunting to a 8 year old. There was still a ton of snow in the mountains and I remember people getting huge ice cuts but the view was/is breath taking. Unfortunately I don't have a first hand photo but there are some good ones online.

I am missing the opportunities to explore and take hikes like this....time to find a hiking buddy!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day Two of Aunthood

Baby is still awaiting his name. But I did get to talk to me lovely sister (now a MOM!) this evening which was so nice. She sounds good and I even got to hear the baby squeaks in the background on the phone.
I will say that tonight really sealed my feelings that I am missing out on the most important things in my life...which is a hard emotion to stomach. But I am just so relieved and happy that day two brought a good day for the baby. He got to meet Gramps (my dad) grandma and grandpa just aren't going to work for my parents. They are going to have to have some creative re-naming.
Now I just need to plan my trip to go back and meet my new nephew!! My sister's friend also was able to email me some pictures so I got my first glimpses of my nephew earlier this morning...and I must say...he stole my heart. Strange how I love that little bundle of joy more than I can even write and I haven't even met the little guy.

Spending some time with grandma...maybe we will try mame?

Holding Dad's Hand

Dad and Baby time

Belly kisses from Dad!

Not too happy about being on the scale!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Auntie Annie...I have a NEPHEW!

Yes, rumors are true! I am an official AUNT! My beautiful sister gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy this afternoon. I could not be more thrilled and excited for the new addition to our family!

Baby does not have a name yet but he weights 6 lbs. 10 ounces and is 20.5 inches long with a 14 inch head (my dad can be responsible for that one!)

I don't have any pictures yet or much more information than that, except that baby, mom and dad are healthy and happy.

I am going to try to get out there in the next few weeks to meet my new nephew and let him get to know the coolest aunt ever...I am going to spoil him rotten.

As cliche as it may be to say this, my whole life changed today and it feels so exciting/strange/new/different/thrilling that this little baby has come into my sister's life and is forever apart of my wonderful family that I could not love more!!

Congratulations Nicole and Jon! I am so excited and happy for the both of you and what this little baby is going to bring to your lives!!!

BABY GAP here I come!!!

ps. in other news I was contacted by an awesome company today for an HR position. And for once I feel really good about the opportunity... we will see what comes of it!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Florida Day 1

This are much overdue posts but I was so exhausted from my trip that I literally went in to hibernation to try to conserve enough energy to get through the work week. But here is some information on my fabulous fabulous trip to Florida to see Kendal and Stephanie.
I arrived Wednesday night after a crazy day at work and got to see Stephanie's beautiful apartment! Kendal and I both agree Stephanie has done a wonderful job decorating and stocking her two bedroom apartment with everything a new wed couple could need!
The first morning we headed to the Budweiser factory to take their tour and tasting experience. The tour was informative but not very interactive. Our tour guide was also less to be desired. BUT the tasting experience was awesome. Two almost full-bottle sized samples of a whole range of Bud products. I tried the Wild Blue (very much like a wine and very heavy and sweet) and a orange/Mandarin infused beer that I could have drank a ton of. The tasting room has a TV showing Bud commericals and also provides unlimited free soda and pretzels. I could have stayed all afternoon!

Instead of drinking ourselves blind we decided to drive up to Georgia for Kendal since she has never been and ADPi was founded in GA. We drove just over the border to the visitors center and took some photos. At first we couldn't find anyone around to take our photo together so we took ones with each of us in them so Kendal could photoshop was a laughable experience. We also saw some awesome Cabbage Patch Doll stuff...Nicole I know you are jealous so I took some pictures for you.

After GA we headed to the Navy base to get a tour of the hanger that Phil works in, and get some pictures next to some big helicopters. We also got a change to wander on the beach and get a quick tour of the navy base...which really is like its own little city. The tour of the hanger was awesome! It was very top gun with the helicopters flying around in the sunset.