Sunday, June 7, 2009

Florida Day 1

This are much overdue posts but I was so exhausted from my trip that I literally went in to hibernation to try to conserve enough energy to get through the work week. But here is some information on my fabulous fabulous trip to Florida to see Kendal and Stephanie.
I arrived Wednesday night after a crazy day at work and got to see Stephanie's beautiful apartment! Kendal and I both agree Stephanie has done a wonderful job decorating and stocking her two bedroom apartment with everything a new wed couple could need!
The first morning we headed to the Budweiser factory to take their tour and tasting experience. The tour was informative but not very interactive. Our tour guide was also less to be desired. BUT the tasting experience was awesome. Two almost full-bottle sized samples of a whole range of Bud products. I tried the Wild Blue (very much like a wine and very heavy and sweet) and a orange/Mandarin infused beer that I could have drank a ton of. The tasting room has a TV showing Bud commericals and also provides unlimited free soda and pretzels. I could have stayed all afternoon!

Instead of drinking ourselves blind we decided to drive up to Georgia for Kendal since she has never been and ADPi was founded in GA. We drove just over the border to the visitors center and took some photos. At first we couldn't find anyone around to take our photo together so we took ones with each of us in them so Kendal could photoshop was a laughable experience. We also saw some awesome Cabbage Patch Doll stuff...Nicole I know you are jealous so I took some pictures for you.

After GA we headed to the Navy base to get a tour of the hanger that Phil works in, and get some pictures next to some big helicopters. We also got a change to wander on the beach and get a quick tour of the navy base...which really is like its own little city. The tour of the hanger was awesome! It was very top gun with the helicopters flying around in the sunset.

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