Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pioneer Cabin

A strange post but I thought it something to document. When I was little I use to hate hiking. I mean we are talking would pretty much break down in tears if my family voted to take a hike when we were in Sun Valley for a weekend. Luckily my parents used to bride me with fruit snacks to go and in hindsight I am so glad I actually got to see some of the beautiful things I did. Naturally, now I crave a good hike and some time with nature.

One hike that sticks out in my mind was a climb to Pioneer Cabin just outside of Sun Valley. This was a long hike of like 13 miles each way or something incredibly daunting to a 8 year old. There was still a ton of snow in the mountains and I remember people getting huge ice cuts but the view was/is breath taking. Unfortunately I don't have a first hand photo but there are some good ones online.

I am missing the opportunities to explore and take hikes like this....time to find a hiking buddy!


  1. Haha! I'd take you up on the offer but I have the opposite problem. I used be be all about hiking, fishing,and bug collections as a kid, now not so much.

  2. I used to hake hiking too! but now, I love it!