Monday, November 17, 2014

These Are Some of My Favorite Things

Good words to read about a breakup, or just respecting yourself when you are in a relationship.

♥ Trying to consolidate to just e-books? Love this idea to get some of the books you already own in their electronic counterpart.

♥ Always looking for ways to be better at my job, and just not feeling like I am drowning. I have yet to carve out the time to give this a try

♥ New York wedding inspiration in a beautiful building.

♥ Love the option of a better-than-average wedding website option.

♥ I forgot about this blog, but have been catching up on owning a chateau, and wondering where I can buy one. 

♥ Mulling over my Quotes board on Pinterest, this one jumped out to me tonight.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

10 Years an ADPi

A few weeks ago, I sat down at my desk/work and was checking my personal emails before getting my day started. Sitting in my inbox was an email congratulating me on being initiated into the Alpha Delta Pi sisterhood ten years ago. As it would happen, my parents were also here visiting me, and my parents and sister were the major reason I made the decision to "Go Greek" when I headed to the University of Washington for college.

I grew up hearing stories of my parents "days in the house", and shenanigans with their friends, many of which they are still in contact with today. My sister also has maintained ties with her sorority sisters, and I knew from example that sorority life and sisterhood will be four memorable years, followed by a lifetime of meaningful friendships.

My choice to join ADPi, has and will be one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

Never mind that I loved living in a true house and having a cook and house boys to move furniture. Or the fact that we had dances, socials, sisterhoods, and fun events just about every week. It wasn't about being President, or having my own room, or receiving that wooden gavel which still means a lot to me.

What I took from ADPi was the opportunity to reveal and discover myself, to share some of the most formidable years of my life with women who supported me as more than just friends, but individuals who believed in the same life philosophies and treatment of others. I didn't develop my confidence from holding leadership positions, or learning how to talk to boys at grab-a-dates, or participating in a beauty competition in front of the entire Greek community. It was through unconditional love, support and mutual respect with the 100+ women I called sisters during those four years. Particularly, the women in my pledge class, who have remained some of my closest and dearest friends that I know will be with my through the rest of my life.

I was a tad emotional when I saw that email about 10 years an ADPi.

I paused for moment and through some uncertain feelings about my life right now- I remembered how insanely fortunate I am for what my sorority experience has given to me.

Ten years and counting for belonging to the best sisterhood and knowing some of the best women I could have ever asked for in life!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Catch-up: Family Comes to DC

It is a lazy Saturday ( a much needed lazy one), and the accomplishments today have included: catching up on missed Top Chef episodes, making a "ghetto" latte with coffee from Copenhagen, showering, and eating a lunch of Mac N' Cheese. Luckily, we do have plans to meet-up with some friends tonight, but I am enjoying the art of nothingness for today.

Time continues to evaporate, and I find myself not even knowing how or where to start when I am presented with some down time. Most "down" time is spent watching TV--which is such a waste in so many ways, but often all my brain can comprehend after multiple busy weekends, and weeks of intense work.

After family visiting, a trip back west, a work trip up north and early morning weekends, I relished in a lack of an alarm, and taking my sweet time to get dressed and ready for the day.

To re-cap some of happenings from the last few weeks...I present mediocre iphone photos to capture the moments:

Birthday Dinner for Gramps at DGBG, complete with homemade sausages.
We did a weekend trip down to see Williamsburg and Monticello, and lucked out with some of the most fantastic fall weather.

A final day-trip was to Annapolis where we checked out the state house and waterfront.

A final evening in DC was topped off with a impromptu visit to Graffito (which ended up being the best meal of their trip!)

And possibly the first family selfie.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Relationship Like IKEA

Insight into our personality always comes at random times, a burst of introspective thought and you think "hmm, yes, I really am like that".

My latest revelation is that I don't like sharing special moments that I bonded with someone over. Which ties into my natural tendencies to keep my group of friends small, and that I am allllllll about loyalty (and trust) in relationships.

So back to being a non-sharer. I hate finding out that a particular behavior, phrase, facial expression, or joke is something that is shared between my person and another person in their life.

I feel cheated. I feel duped into thinking there was something special and unique to our relationship, only to find that instead of a one-of-a-kind relationship, we have a mass-produced-IKEA-expedit-bookcase esque type of relationship.

Sure it looks good, but it loses it's luster when you realize that IKEA has compromised your special bookcase, by selling it to hundreds of millions.

Call me jealous, or unreasonable, but whatever happened to protecting relationships?!? Or preserving some things just for a special person? I guess people are greedy and will mass produce something purely to be in every home...


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Letters to DC: To the Man Who "Has a Wife & Child"

Dear Man "With a Wife & Child",

What happened at Barnes & Noble was...shocking. My head is still reeling from the incomprehensible absurdity of the interaction we shared over the the table that opened up in the Starbucks cafe. 

Now, I am sure I have no idea how stressful your day had been. Perhaps your kid screamed all morning, or your wife was mad at you for not remembering something you should have, and perhaps (just perhaps) you were trying to make up for it by securing a table in the Starbucks cafe so your child could enjoy a milk box, and your wife and you could sit and chat while the fruits of your loin made you two realize how in love you two are. 

However, the statement "have some mercy! I have a wife and child" said in your entitled voice, as you leaped in front of me to steal the table we had patiently been waiting for, was uncalled for, and frankly absurd.

There were approximately, 20 other tables, and in fact-- one opened up not more than 5 minutes after you rudely took the table that we had kindly been offered by the individual who was leaving. Your child was not screaming, or even acting like they wanted to sit down (plus they had a stroller they could have sat in that was blocking an entire isle of books) and your wife ended up not even sitting down with your to enjoy a over complicated coffee order. (You both seemed like the type to order a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato)

Regardless, the next time you think having a "wife & child" make your more important than a kind, patient, couple who just wanted to order a coffee and browse their travel books, and patiently followed the social norms of waiting for a table in a crowded store) you may want to think about what makes you more worthy of that table. 

I hope that your wife reminded you of why she was probably mad at you (that undesirable selfish, self-important attitude may be a clue), your kid screamed the entire way home and threw their milk box on you, and that the next time I encounter you in a Starbucks I can get over my shock to kindly remind you that we had been waiting ahead of you, and social norms say that we were in the right to take that table.

Happy Reading to You and Yours MWW&C!

Yours Truly,