Friday, February 21, 2014

Ruining the Moment- Put Down Your Phone

Here I am. Back up on my soap box of the-world-needs-more-human-interaction-and-less-time-where-we-sit-next-to-each-other-playing-iphone. Yes...another one of those posts.

Just like my rational disdain for aspects of DC (or all of DC...) I kid. Wait. No, no I don't kid- I hate DC. I have a truly massive issue with the amount of time people are glued to their phones. PARTICULARLY when it means you are sacrificing quality time with moi to be tied up in some app or article you are reading.

My first real rant on this was prompted after reading Jenni's words from Story of My Life. I was hell bent determined to be a focused, thoughtful, and present friend/girlfriend/daughter/sister/etc. and make sure I wasn't making someone feel inadequate by keeping one hand on my phone at all times. Granted, I have my phases of addiction, but I feel like I have made a concerted effort to be present. To engage. To concentrate on making my company feel valued.

So what do you do when the favor isn't returned? I have heard all sorts of suggestions:

- Walk away from the situation until they realize they are bring rude.
- Have rules that you articulate clearly prior to hanging out/having dinner/shopping etc.
- Have certain "phone free" areas. (i.e. people can't use their phones in the living room, etc)

But none of these will make someone else prioritize giving you their undivided attention. So what do you doooo?

Even worse... what do you do when someone ruins a moment.

There you are. You just shared a joke. A hilarious moment together. A heartfelt conversation. Or took in the most breathtaking sunset.

Next thing you know. The joke is tweeted, the funny photo is posted on Facebook. The heartfelt conversation is brought to a premature end. And the sunset is on Instagram.

Moment Ruined. Buzz Kill.

It makes me livid. It makes me wonder why sharing that moment, or that joke, or whatever, isn't enough to just share it with me.

What do you do with these situations? They seem like near impossible situations to negotiate on, and frequently cause a lot of friction and tension. Is this is a if you can't beat em' join em' situation?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A New Phone & How Sophisticated Verizon Is

That epic fail adventure, where I accomplished approximately 15% of what I had hoped and never got that car wash, also included a detour to the Verizon store since there was one in the mall. I have been having issues with my iphone dying after hardly any use, and dying almost instantly if I take it out of my pocket for two seconds when skiing. I was told that cold weather affected their batteries, and that it probably wasn't the phone and there wasn't much I could do. Deciding to try again, I explained my conundrum to another customer service person (who was actually very pleasant and nice) to which she ran a very technical test to determine if I was having battery issues.

She used my phone to call her phone, and then we proceeded to let it sit for ten minutes to see if the battery dropped between 6-10%. 

Like I said....very technical. Sigh. 

You can probably tell how this ended up. My phone, according to this test, was "fine". However, they recommended I take it to the Apple store and they could run a true diagnostic. *Slaps forehead*.

Running out of steam after that disastrous errand trip, it has taken me awhile to make plans to get it into a store. This last weekend, I was sipping some coffee at a little shop near our apartment, and decided I needed to get my ipad in to have the home button looked at, and could then take my phone in too. 

Low and behold. Apple could run a real test and what did they find? 

Oh just that my battery has failed in my iphone. Ha! Haha! Ha! Verizon. 

Back to a Verizon store- armed with my "doctors note" from the genius bar, stating that my phone was on its last legs. Naturally, Verizon apologized profusely, said they were so sorry I had to go through all that trouble, whipped out a brand new iphone, and sent me on my merry little way. 


Not exactly.

After a 45 minute wait. I was so lucky as to have to explain this whole situation about five times to the Verizon customer service person, who tried to send a replacement phone to my parents address, ordered the wrong color, and also could not understand for the life of them why I wouldn't have just had apple fix my phone. Maybe because I have an issuance policy with YOU and not apple. 

Needless to say, after a lot of time. I just opened up my new-to-me iphone that hopefully has a much better battery situation going on. 

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lit & Co.

Lit & Co. Candles

I really like a good candle. However, I am really picky about scents. Most of them just don't do it for me and the ones that do usually are those $80 candles that I just can't fathom buying. I mentioned awhile back how much I loved my White Tea candle from Lit & Co.. Since then, I have continued to love the candle, and luckily, it has held up to my love by burning slowly and preserving what I have left of it. Granted, like all good things, it will come to an end, and I will have to replace it. I get a little sad when I look over while I am working and realize that it is getting down to its end. 

At Christmas this year, I wanted to share the love, so I purchased my aunt and cousin their own candles and they were a hit! Every time I think about heading to Boise, I know I will have to make a stop at Indie Made, an adorable little boutique downtown and grab another candle. Thank goodness KJ has an etsy shop where I can get my paws on some more candles. 

I love my white tea scent but I am also eager to try the grapefruit-mandarin, lemon verbena, woodland, bonfire, chai tea, linen and hazelnut vanilla! The candles make great gifts, the ones in the metal tins are just the cutest, but I also just saw that you can get a 12 month subscription too! Such a luxurious gift if you ask me!

So if you want to support a local Boisean and get your hands on a fantastic candle, I really suggest you check out Lit & Co. 

And guess what! This was not a sponsored post! I love these candles so much, and honestly was just looking at the store today, and thought I should share with all you readers!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

These Are Some of My Favorite Things

Favorite Things List

If you are like me you have a plethora of Instagram photos- but what to do with them? Printic is a great option- but isn't exactly cheap. I stumbled across this tutorial the other day, that I might be willing to give a shot. 

I love a good list of advice- particularly when it comes to advice regarding your twenties. This had some particular gems that really hit home for me. 

The day-to-day lives of dancers have always fascinated me. I love this side by side comparison of a "normal" life to a dancers life. 

A good cup of of chai is one of my favorite warm drinks. With all this blustery winter weather here in DC, this recipe that a friend recommended is on my list of things to make. 

Winter always makes me crave pasta, and this recipe is looking pretty tasty. Followed by this dessert, I am pretty sure I'd have a meal made in heaven. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Feeling Like a Sleaze: Blogger Addition

I HATE pushy sales people. I HATE being followed around in a store asking if I need help. I HATE someone telling me what I need, or what I should buy, or asking me if I am interested. I REALLY HATE the homeless people who shake their cup rattling with change my direction (for the record, I am more apt to help the person who offers to hold a door for me, or who is not harassing me when I walk by.And on a side note-- what do you find yourself doing? I hate giving them money, and would prefer to buy them a cup of coffee, a bottle of water or a granola bar). I also get really clammy-handed when it comes to self-promotion. I rarely like to toot my own horn, and I really get uncomfortable around people who toot theirs a lot. All for accomplishment, but I love me a good dose of humble.

However, I need to learn that being humble does not mean selling yourself short, or depriving yourself of opportunities that you would have had, if you had only spoken up and done a little self-promotion.

This blogging thing never started out with the idea that more than my parents and friends back West would read it. Honestly- those probably are most of my readers, but there are a few others. I've connected with a few people in the blogging world, and I like that connection. I like receiving comments on my posts. I love seeing my stats each day and each month. I love watching my bloglovin' followers increase. All normal things to enjoy when you blog.

So why do I feel so weird about wanting more? More readers, more exposure, more people to connect with.

Blogging isn't a spectator sport. Especially on little blogs like this. You don't get to just write your posts, take some photos and call it a day if you are wanting to experience more readers than just your immediate family. There are HUNDREDS of posts about "How to grow your readership" and "How to make money from your blog" and every other aspect of making your blogger bigger and better. I take them with a grain of salt and try to stick to the idea that I blog as a hobby, not as a job, and the more readers the merrier, but not something I am going to stress about. I do want to connect with more people, which is where I have to step outside my comfort zone.

I comment on posts of other bloggers. I love when they respond back, I love even more when we have a dialogue going. I love when I see that they came to my blog and read one of my posts. What I have learned is--this isn't magic-- it only occurs when you do a little horn tooting. Put a link to your blog in the comments! Make thoughtful comments. Engage. Engage. Engage.

It is still awkward for me, but I am working on it. The world is full of amazing and smart people, and I want to get to know some of those people out there. I need to do a little horn tooting, and self-promotion exercising and I think you should too, even if you feel sleazy doing it- because trust aren't being sleazy like a car salesman.