Thursday, December 12, 2013

I am Thankful for Snow, Peanut Butter, Family and Lattes

(Not in that order, and not and not an all encompassing statement)

Like last year, the BF and I skipped out of DC for Thanksgiving and opted for some early season skiing, peanut butter pie, and a potato product for our Thanksgiving meal. It is like a tradition of sorts. We went to Utah last Thanksgiving and decided to do a repeat this year.

This year we arrived a bit earlier in the day, and while we still had some hashbrowns at the hotel bar, we were able to have a restaurant Thanksgiving meal at Faustina. We also were able to have my parents come join us the day after Thanksgiving which made the trip really special for me.

The day my parents were driving to Utah to meet us, we skied Alta so we could get our ski legs under us. We had some amazing weather, decent early season snow and ended up running into people who were on our same flight!
That evening we met up with my parents for dinner at Squatters, where they have the most delicious peanut butter pie! We knew we were going to have to back back after having it last year! (Their beer is really good to, but man oh man, that pie!).

The next day we decided to ski Solitude, which I really enjoyed last year. In turned out to be sunny, warm, and the perfect terrain for all of us to warm up our legs!
That evening we checked out a local pizza place, Davanza's, and they had the most amazing walls covered in cans.
The boys were into watching the football games and recaps, while my mom and I were intrigued by all the different can designs.

The final day of skiing out my legs to the test, and I can say I am happy I have been hitting the gym a lot recently!

The BF couldn't join us on our last ski day, so it was just my parents and I. After a lot of indecision we decided to go to Snowbird, which we had last skied at about 12 years ago! We lucked out with some sunshine, moderate temperatures and some great laps on the tram.
We skied until our legs fell off. Well, we stopped just before that, but we skied a full day and cheersed each other with some brews at the base.

With a snow storm rolling in, my parents got an early start the next morning to head home while we broke out the laptops for work.

I discovered a lovely bookstore/coffee shop that made my mornings. We got to do a bit more exploring:

Then to top off the food for the trip we went to an awesome pasta place that was just a hop skip from our apartment which was perfect since the snow had really started to pick up.

After dinner I braved the blizzard that had set in and went and picked up two more pieces of that peanut butter pie for us to enjoy in the warmth of our hotel.

Yes that is PB pie in bed while I read a novel on the iPad.
It was a great Thanksgiving and I was lucky to get to spend it with some of my family.