Monday, July 7, 2014

DC Summer Sabbatical

Well folks ( yes, I say the word folks when I am out West), I've been absent for awhile on this little space. Sorry, I'm not sorry. Not even a teeny tiny but, because....well....I kind of quit DC. !!!! It's a temporary situation until I figure out the final move, but I am at least escaping a good chunk of time in my most despised place.
Basking in the evening rays, eating dinner on the back deck, ten years high school reunions, having friends in town, enjoying my family while not feeling rushed, sipping good beer, and cruising local farmers markets. Cue the overplayed "Happy" song, and call me content. Life is good. Better than good, it is fabulous.
Call it my sabbatical, call it my trial run for the real deal, but whatever it feels good.
I forget what it is like to sleep through the night with out sirens waking me up. Or to have summer days where you want to be outside. How it feels to not have your stomach in your throat because you are so stressed all the time. And how wonderful it feels to feel connected. Connected to your family, to a place, to things that are meaningful and matter. My mind is still adjusting to the positive changes.
Some photos to capture some of these amazing moments so far.

The Doodle Dog, Kimber
Idaho subsets are the best sunsets
Dog in a backpack at Alive After Five
First trip to the Boise Trader Joes, I am ready to move here
Watching the clouds
Pre party after my ten year high school reunion
River rafting
Which resulted I a terrible foot sunburn
10 barrel
Capitol at night
4th of July parade
Saturday farmers market
Ordinary views making me love this place