Friday, October 30, 2009

Fabulously Insightful

A little bit of creativity and insight for you all this morning. This 11 year old in Seattle wrote this amazingly deep/funny/cute poem about Barbies. Check out the Queen Anne View for the full story on this up-and-coming writer.

How To Be A Good Barbie
By Madeleine Quinn
Kick off your plastic high heels.

Dump Ken.
Lay in bed with eyes open.
Stay away from the dog!
Take care of the baby.
Be a doctor for one day.
Be a fashion model the next.
Move to Sunny-Ville
a.k.a. the basement.
Don’t be mad at Sally for not being a good hair stylist.
Have a sleepover with Theresa.
Tell Ken to stop singing lame songs in front of the Barbie dream house.
Change the world of the Barbies.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Step (off) It.

So I had a totally awful experience at the gym tonight. Not even sure how to handle the whole situation. Part of me is really proud, part of me mortified, and part of me downright frustrated.

Well here is the story...

I have been taking this cardio hoops class (hula hooping on steroids) on Mondays, but I am trying to get to the gym more often (make use of the membership) and hopefully look stunning at the company Holiday party. Anyways. I am trying to take more classes since i seem to be more motivated and less distracted when I am in the class atmosphere vs. running by myself. So I decided to try Step It tonight. Well I show up in a total frenzy since my work life is crazy, expecting a fun workout like cardio hoops. Well I walk in, grab my little stepping board thing and the instructor comes over with her very thick accent asks me a question that sounds like "are you here for the stepping class?" me: "Yes". Well that question was: "Have you taken stepping class?" me: real answer...NEVER IN MY LIFE. So I flail around, until she totally calls me out IN FRONT OF EVERYONE, telling me not to lie...SERIOUSLY WTH. Needless to say I was mortified.

The part I am proud of myself for: I stayed through the whole class, despite not having a clue what I was doing, and finally figured out a few things at the end. What I am mad about: There is nothing saying that the class is not for beginners. AND I pay for my membership, so unless there is some designation of class level, I should be allowed to take whatever class without getting called out. Long story short, I am mortified, mad I didn't enjoy my work out and writing a letter of complaint. GRrr.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Big Girl Phone

Well I made the leap! I traded it my cute little LG Chocolate (which I must say I had an outstanding relationship with, but all phones must be put to rest at some point) and upgraded to a Blackberry. I feel so sophiticat....or not considering I am still fumbling around figuring out how to answer the thing. And I will say my ity bity hands have a hard time wrapping themselves around it. But I can't complain about having the web and my email with me at all times. I have already been saved a few times by the use of the web. But I do feel oh so grown up now. Wearing some real big girl pants now.

Well this kicks up a long series of updates. Yes I know I have been horrible with keeping this updated recently, which is rather unfortunate considering that right now I feel like my life turned upside down, shook side-to-side, then did 25 pirouettes. However, oddly as I type that I know that life is exactly as it should be. But hopefully I can scrape my memory for what has been going on in the last few weeks so I can have some sort of memory of this point in my life!

oh and for reference, those of you blessed to have my cell phone didn't change with the adoption of the BB. Oh and please don't let me become one of "those" people who is always on her phone when we are out together. I don't want to turn into that girl.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Many Firsts

1) Saw my first GIANT Rat. He was pretty gross, I screamed. Luckily he was outside and that is hopefully where he will stay.

2) First trip to a grocery store in my new neighborhood. Got lost, walked ALOT, found it, looked like a bag lady walking home.

3) First time being able to watch The Office in real time! And can we say...I want a Jim! And I also want to have the Chris Brown song be at my wedding rehersal.

4) This one has not happened yet, but it will be my first adventure into PA (well I was there for a week in high school) but I haven't been since I moved to DC. I am going to meet up with Kendal and go antiquing with her and her aunt tomorrow! I am so excited to see Kendal! Granted I just saw her a few months ago at Alli's beautiful wedding, but I also enjoy being in the company of my closests friends!

I am thinking about looking for old keys to put on a wall. When I was playing in the basement of my grandparents house in CDA I used to find all these old keys to what we refered to as the "Big House" which was a beautiful mansion on Sherman Avenue. Sadly it was torn down and replaced with a sad looking deli or something depressing like that. But I loved the keys, and I think having a small wall covered in old keys would be very visual appealing and very symbolic (nothing like holding the keys to your heart <3)>here.

My true vision is to hang them on a wall in every direction, but since I don't want to have to spackle 900,000,000,000,300,001 holes, I am thinking that tying them to black ribbons and hanging them at different lengths could be a neat alternative. Kind of like this:

Let me know if you kids have any ideas! Happy Friday!!
p.s. Life is fabulous.

Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm Moved!

Finished moving yesterday! Cleaning at the old apartment still needs to take place, and some selling of furniture. But I have 99.9% of my things moved into my new places and about 90% of it put away and organized. I do need to purchase one small storage thing for some extra kitchen stuff (tiny tiny kitchen) and some extra clothes that I forgot I had lying around. I can't wait to get up all my decorations and take some pictures of how well everything turned out! AND even better duvet set that had been back ordered is going to be shipping sooner than expected so I should have it in roughly 2 weeks! I think the duvet is reall going to pull the room together. I also want to buy a red window treatment of some sort and then fram my Sun Valley posters at some point.

Work was very very busy today and I am exahusted! My 1 year review is tomorrow and while I generally know what is going to be said I am still a bit nervous and hoping that I get a stellar review. So everyone keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow.

My roommate invited me to have dinner with her tomorrow night as she is having her bf, and his family (sister and brother-in-law) over. I am excited to get to spend more time with her. That might be the best thing about the apartment, is that she is great, nice, interesting and totally normal...and the frosting on top is the amazing apartment in the amazing location.