Thursday, October 29, 2009

Step (off) It.

So I had a totally awful experience at the gym tonight. Not even sure how to handle the whole situation. Part of me is really proud, part of me mortified, and part of me downright frustrated.

Well here is the story...

I have been taking this cardio hoops class (hula hooping on steroids) on Mondays, but I am trying to get to the gym more often (make use of the membership) and hopefully look stunning at the company Holiday party. Anyways. I am trying to take more classes since i seem to be more motivated and less distracted when I am in the class atmosphere vs. running by myself. So I decided to try Step It tonight. Well I show up in a total frenzy since my work life is crazy, expecting a fun workout like cardio hoops. Well I walk in, grab my little stepping board thing and the instructor comes over with her very thick accent asks me a question that sounds like "are you here for the stepping class?" me: "Yes". Well that question was: "Have you taken stepping class?" me: real answer...NEVER IN MY LIFE. So I flail around, until she totally calls me out IN FRONT OF EVERYONE, telling me not to lie...SERIOUSLY WTH. Needless to say I was mortified.

The part I am proud of myself for: I stayed through the whole class, despite not having a clue what I was doing, and finally figured out a few things at the end. What I am mad about: There is nothing saying that the class is not for beginners. AND I pay for my membership, so unless there is some designation of class level, I should be allowed to take whatever class without getting called out. Long story short, I am mortified, mad I didn't enjoy my work out and writing a letter of complaint. GRrr.

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  1. that is so messed up! what a ho, seriously. I keep hearing good things about "zumba" classes though - maybe your gym has one and without the snarky teacher?