Friday, October 9, 2009

Many Firsts

1) Saw my first GIANT Rat. He was pretty gross, I screamed. Luckily he was outside and that is hopefully where he will stay.

2) First trip to a grocery store in my new neighborhood. Got lost, walked ALOT, found it, looked like a bag lady walking home.

3) First time being able to watch The Office in real time! And can we say...I want a Jim! And I also want to have the Chris Brown song be at my wedding rehersal.

4) This one has not happened yet, but it will be my first adventure into PA (well I was there for a week in high school) but I haven't been since I moved to DC. I am going to meet up with Kendal and go antiquing with her and her aunt tomorrow! I am so excited to see Kendal! Granted I just saw her a few months ago at Alli's beautiful wedding, but I also enjoy being in the company of my closests friends!

I am thinking about looking for old keys to put on a wall. When I was playing in the basement of my grandparents house in CDA I used to find all these old keys to what we refered to as the "Big House" which was a beautiful mansion on Sherman Avenue. Sadly it was torn down and replaced with a sad looking deli or something depressing like that. But I loved the keys, and I think having a small wall covered in old keys would be very visual appealing and very symbolic (nothing like holding the keys to your heart <3)>here.

My true vision is to hang them on a wall in every direction, but since I don't want to have to spackle 900,000,000,000,300,001 holes, I am thinking that tying them to black ribbons and hanging them at different lengths could be a neat alternative. Kind of like this:

Let me know if you kids have any ideas! Happy Friday!!
p.s. Life is fabulous.

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  1. RIP Sherman Ave Manse. So sad. Love the key idea - black ribbons would be brills. Take pics!