Friday, October 30, 2009

Fabulously Insightful

A little bit of creativity and insight for you all this morning. This 11 year old in Seattle wrote this amazingly deep/funny/cute poem about Barbies. Check out the Queen Anne View for the full story on this up-and-coming writer.

How To Be A Good Barbie
By Madeleine Quinn
Kick off your plastic high heels.

Dump Ken.
Lay in bed with eyes open.
Stay away from the dog!
Take care of the baby.
Be a doctor for one day.
Be a fashion model the next.
Move to Sunny-Ville
a.k.a. the basement.
Don’t be mad at Sally for not being a good hair stylist.
Have a sleepover with Theresa.
Tell Ken to stop singing lame songs in front of the Barbie dream house.
Change the world of the Barbies.

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