Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

I must say for Halloween (not exactly my favorite holiday as I get older) this one was pretty fun and at the same time, low key.

Friday my office had a in-office happy hour (yes I know you are jealous that we drink beer at 3pm in the office, on the offices wallet too!). My boss and I actually stepped it up, compared to our loser (i say that with sarcasm) co-workers and dressed up. When Lindsey and Dan were visiting me the weekend before (blog on that weekend coming soon) Lindsey came up with the brilliant idea for me to go as a "Hot" Potato. I wore brown leggings, an over sized brown shirt that I belted. And to create the inside of the potato, I attached curled ribbon to me (sour cream/potato insides), with orange and green pipe cleaners ( chives and cheese) and a sponge that was my butter. Add a Grown in Idaho logo and a Idaho Potato pin...swirl, spin and viola! Insta-potato. It thought it was good.
Idaho....No.. UDaho!

Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego?

Anyways...that night I headed to a house party than Erin threw to celebrate Halloween AND her Birthday. This year I didn't make her a banner, but I did take her cupcakes from Hello Cupcake during her lunch. Erin and her bf Paul rocked some amazing "Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego" (which brought some discussion with people about who was the host and the phrase "Let's go to the Map!").

The next day I lulled around in bed which was amazing ( I have been exhausted lately!), took care of some laundry and cleaning issues and then headed to elevation burger (there will need to be a follow up post to this since this has been a long time in the coming), and then to Dairy Godmother for some PUMPKIN custard...ohmygod, Thanksgiving in a cup!

Later in the evening I found myself drinking some beer, making fun of other people's costumes and participating in a pastime I haven't had a lot of time to do: Buck Hunting.

Nothing like shooting some animated animals to get me all riled up!

Back in Idaho, Wyatt wins the prize for cutest baby and cutest costume. He was a BEE!!!

Flying bee!! (Look how happy he is!) Love it!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!

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