Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some Notes of Awesome.

Some awesome things I have come across lately as well as some awesome news.

1) Gummy Bear Chandelier. Dusting this would be a nightmare, and I am sure bug and flies could be an issue...but I still think this is unbelievably fabulous.

2) Urns and floral/feather arrangements:

While doing my usual wedding/event blog surfing I came across this posting on FeteFanatic about elegant displays of urns. My favorite below, but check out the post for full photos and details.

I would do this one with a some very long stemmed white roses with silver whisps and some sort of crystal bling.

3) I hope Brooke does a post on this. But this house in Sun Valley has been a love affair of mine since I first laid eyes on it about three years ago.

4) And in awesome news: Congrats Ben on your job offer!!! So excited for you and am so glad this keeps you in DC (since I selfishly would be very sad if you left me here!)

1 comment:

  1. Dude. I love that house! And I didn't even spot one antler chandelier, which is a sign that this manse is classy :)