Monday, November 9, 2009

The Man in My Life

For those of you who haven't spent time with Creamsicle, (1) you are missing out, and (2) let me introduce you to the Man in my life who has been there for years and years!

Creamscicle, Creamy, or the Creamster (whichever category you falling to: readers, friend or family might know him by something different) was purchase by my hard earned childhood dollars from a store in downtown Boise after seeing him with my mom and lusting after him and his fuzzy glory for weeks on end. If I remember correctly he set me back a whopping $12 (in children's dollars that was like $103,487,099.04). He was the fluffiest, softest thing I had ever laid my hands on. He was so fuzzy you could hardly find his little eyes.

He originally looked something like this little guy:

Now after many travels (I think he has only missed one rafting trip in our relationship due to the fact that the chance of flipping our raft and losing a bag was a real possibility), auditions, recitals, break-ups, ski races, and any other life events he started to loose some of his fluff and pristine cream color. My dad used to give "creamster" (dads name) baths in a big glass bowl in our kitchen and then would dry him and take the time to "re-fluff" him with a comb. (And we wonder why I have daddy-daughter complex). Well after all these years, Creamy is still the man in my life, even if a little battered and de-fluffed:

I am sure you are wondering what spurred this gem of a post. Well I have been thinking of meaningful things to get Wyatt since I feel so absent and like the Aunt he will never know. But I was hoping to pick him up his own Creamy to go through his life adventures with. When I was looking online I ran across this photo on Flickr by millerburmilla of her trusty Creamsicle and her belly. Remind me to take a photo like this when I am starting my family, because I am sure that Creamsicle will be around for that event as well.


  1. Creamy has been with you through the best times.. and Jake in mine. Yay! I wonder if they still Jake dogs? Didn't you give him to me when I was 9?