Sunday, November 22, 2009


This weekend was packed. To illustrated my level of activity....

exhibit A.

I feel asleep on the couch tonight with a fork in my hand while eating dinner...

But I had an amazing weekend!!

Friday night I went out to celebrate a co-workers birthday at a bar just up the street from my office. Came home and went to sleep in preparation for my early morning on Saturday.

Saturday morning I walked the Help the Homeless walkathon that starts on the mall, circles the tidal basis and finishes up back near the Smithsonian metro stop. As we all know being anywhere at 8am is not one of my strong points, but I managed to make it! After the walk we headed to Lauriol Plaza which is just a hop and skip around the corner from my apartment to have lunch. After lunch since Scott came and brought Puck his Husky/German Shepherd we decided to check out the small dog park a few blocks from my apartment. I could have sat there all day and watched the dogs play! There was a puppy chow that look like a teddy bear! We wore Puck out and then walked back to put him in the car.

For the rest of the day I took a power nap and then started getting ready for an evening I have been looking forward to for a long time! Sam, a co-worker that I took to a a Caps game and then to the Redskins game last weekend (yes, needing a post) wanted to thank me for the tickets (totally unnessary, but very nice) by taking me to get drinks with him and his friends at PX in Alexandria.

We started out with dinner at Rustico where I started with the Beet salad once again, and then tried the fig and prosciutto pizza which was delish! I also got to have a glass of my Smuttynose brown dog good.

After dinner we headed over to PX, which gave me a fabulous excuse to wear my dress from graduation again which I adore. (ps someone finally lost 15 pounds! only 10-15 more to go!) They have a dress code so we all looked pretty spiffy and cleanup which I always enjoy. PX lounge is a speakeasy marked with a blue light, requires super advanced reservations and you ring a doorbell when you arrive...can we say beyond classy and fabulous?

I had three of the most amazing cocktails that I will probably ever taste in my life. The first was one with basil which was light and refreshing and a surprise for the taste buds. The second was my favorite, The Bellevue (yes I ordered it because it reminded me of Seattle!) but it had an amazing foam and a unique spoonstraw to sip and scoop! My last drink was the most "manly" one the evening for me with tequila and an unusual ice chunk. Honestly, this experience changed my perception of cocktails and the craft of mixology! I only hope and pray I can frequent this amazing establishment again. You should read up and gush! After a fabulous night of drinks, meeting Sam's fabulous friends and good food I crawled into bed and collapsed. Thanks for an awesome evening Sam!

Today was running some domestic errands and then meeting up with Scott and Puck to get the run down of how to take care of Puck since he is going to be my dog for thanksgiving weekend! (Yay!) and then taking a nap (aka sleeping while trying to eat dinner).

All in all I had a great weekend and am in shock that we are already nearing the end of November!!

Two weeks until NY!!! And before I know it i will be in Idaho with the family! AND I just got word that get to take care of Wyatt for a whole day while my sister takes her architecture exam...basically I am never giving him back to her!!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend! Any good stories?


  1. oh that place sounds absolutely amazing. Very jealous of the cocktails. I love it when places have herby ones. (mojitos only count if they are the classy kind) And it sounds like you had quite the fun weekend overall... Love that you passed out mid-dinner, hope nothing spilled.
    Getting your puppy and baby fix?! i'm jealous :) I got to skype with my neighbor Ella a little while ago so I have my little kid fix for now- she also sent me some hand turkeys. presh!
    Good Luck packing!! <3

  2. I still need to go to PX... But, then I hate dressing up these days...