Sunday, November 29, 2009


I have skipped over some things that have gone down in the last month, so we will do the readers digest version of things I have glossed over.

Lindsey and Dan came to visit me at the end of October, and we had a great weekend catching up (and getting to know each other (me and Dan))

And then there was the Redskins game. I have wanted to go to a pro-football game for years and this was such a great game! The weather was amazing, the Redskins won, we had a fabulous time tailgating and best part...freeeeee tickets!

Sam, Ryan and Nicholas enjoying the good seats.Beautiful sunny day!
Final score!

This weekend I had a great and relaxing few days off. I had a minor (*cough* Major *cough*) roach issue in the kitchen that caused some serious tears and almost hyperventilation, but was remedied and Thanksgiving still went off without a hitch! Most notorious of my cooking feats: Brined my first bird, first time making mashed potatoes, learned how to roast beets AND made two pies completely from scratch!!

I was also pet sitting for a friend this weekend and I got to spend some quality time with this furry, fuzzy, goofball. Meet Puck the Husky (haha yes, my WSU friend thinks he is SOO smart...yea well who won APPLE CUP!!!)

Puck and I enjoyed some walks, dogparks and a lot of shedding together this weekend! Puck's pet comes home tomorrow and I will be back to being dogless!

So back to Apple Cup. I met up with Brooke, Keene and a friend of theirs who was in town visiting at a bar in Crystal City to watch the game. It was packed with Husky fans! Luckily we had an awesome game and defeated the Cougars and showed them to bow down to Washington. Bark for Sark people...

Sadly, in upcoming news, my New York trip has been postponed until 2010 (probably feb), which will be fine, and hopefully cheaper. Hotels were costing a fortune for this upcoming weekend!! But plans for Feb will happen and as long as I get to go I am a happy camper. Perhaps I will venture to NC to check out Furbish . I love Jamie's blog and have wanted to go see her store and hopefully meet Rowdy! Maybe squeak in a quick dinner with Mallory who is prepping for finals too!

Idaho is just around the corner and I can not wait to go home (with a different sentiment at heart time year). I can not believe how a year things looked so different. Not only has my life changed a lot...there are now FIVE in the family clan! (and if we want to go crazy...which I dare say we might...there are SIX...including Jon!!!) So crazy! I can't wait to experience Wyatt's first Christmas!!

Well I hope you all had a fabulous weekend like me!

PS Brooke may be helping me to re-vamp my blog...perhaps a leap from old to new? It seems fitting in light of all that has happened.

Oh and I must not follow blogging form for Thanksgiving...
Things I am Thankful For:
1) Family and Friends. And most importantly we are all Happy, Healthy and Loved. My family and friends are such amazing people and I can't imagine my life without them!
2) A roof over my head a job that provides and clothes on my back. I have an awesome job, with awesome people and in turn I can provide a great place for me to live (minus the roaches) and clothe myself in something besides a burlap sack.
3) Who I was, Who I am, and Who I am going to be. Cliche...yes. But this year has taught me that who I am is fabulous, life is one crazy adventure and where I am going, while I don't know where that going to be great.
And some less serious things:
1) Chai Lattes
2) Fuzzy blankets
3) oversized sweats
4) winning apple cup

5) Christmas lights and holiday displays at the stores

6) good books

7) lint rollers (dog hair and fuzzy blankets shed like no other)

8) poodles (1 in particular)

9) my awesome car (I don't care if it is like 15 years old and looks like a is my mom-wagon)

10) and many other random things that bring a smile to my face!

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  1. Cougs should be hella embarrassed! Bow down indeed! Love me some chai life, new blog revamp!