Monday, November 9, 2009

Dinner with Michelle

This happened quite awhile ago, and I really should have blogged about it in real time, but my waves of blogging motivation did not bode well when this happened. But here is the story prepared to be jealous. (Ok not really).

A few weekends ago I was meeting up with some close friends at a restaurant I have wanted to try for a long time. Oyamel, is by the same peeps who do Jaleo, which I have been to and LOVED. Anyways, back to the point. Meeting up with my friends for dinner/dessert (I had already eaten dinner sadly), but I show up the Oyamel and am greeted in the breeze way to the restaurant by a secret service agent (ear piece and all) asking if he can search my coat and bag because there is a "VIP" in the house. I agree (who would I to be like "umm no, I am above you snooping through my bag"). I asked who the VIP was, and he coyly smiles and says "enjoy your dinner". I saddle up at the bar waiting for my friends to arrive, grab a drink, crane my neck around to see who could possibly be here (I doubted I would recognize one, since politics are the last thing on my mind). Friend arrive, we get seated. And before we know it, there are paparazzi like flashes and we finally find out that it was MICHELLE!! O-YES, OBAMA.

So I dinned with Michelle. Yes I am honored. Oh and while we are taking about all things fabulous--the Café de Olla, DELISH. A must try if you are here.

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