Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hair Woes

For some reason winter in DC just massacres my hair and skin. Naturally dry skin just requires lots of lotion. But my poor hair! I am growing it out again to donate it to Locks of Love (this will be my 4th time!) and I am trying to just keep the dead ends off when I go get a hair cut. Needless to say my hair isn't in the best style right now. I have been using a straightener to curl my hair maybe once or twice a week and then the rest of the time I just blow dry my hair with a round brush and call it a day. For some reason the dry weather has cause my hair to just fall apart this year! It has never been this bad! My hair just feels brittle and yuck! It lacks that pretty luster that is used to have-especially when it got long like this. So here is my question for all you in the blog world. Has anyone used this:


Or do any of you have any tips/trick/products that you use to combat brittle hair?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cone Dog

My poor puppy dog Theo had to have some surgery awhile back. The poor guy gets tumors and he had a few growing on his head and eye lids that we had to have taken off. I haven't talked to my parents but hopefully him (and my mom!) are on the mend! My dad sent me a photo of the dog in his cone and looking like someone beat him up!

Poor Theo! I love you little guy!

He looks so sad it makes my heart ache!

Jazzercise- Take One

That is me in the back right and Erin to the left of me.

Or not.

In fact their were not any leotarts, scruniches, leg warmers or headbands. Rather dissapointing.

Regardless the lack of 80's attire the class was awesome.

A little background on this:

Erin found a Tippr for 2 months of unlimited Jazzercise classes at a location near both of our offices. After a little prodding she convinced me it would an awesome idea. She did a great job reaching out to the instructor and finding out about the class and then tonight we took our first plunge into Jazzercize. I can say- I laughed. I really didn't know what to expect. It was anything but a cheesy 80's music video. It was awesome. Great music, and I can tell you it is a workout! I am so excited for the next two months. We are going to try to go twice a week, and for sure once a week. I'll keep you all posted on our progress! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Large and in Charge

I thought Theo was big! Get this:

He is a Red Tibet Mastiff. Name: Hong Dong or Big Splash. Not even a year old he is already 3 feet high, and 180 lbs! He is a moose. I kind of want him. Look at that face. He also sold for almost for a lot of money!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The View

Monday, March 14, 2011

Crisp and White

So as I am sure I may have mentioned my sister, Nicole, is engaged. (Good excuse to indulge my love for weedings huh?) I was lucky enough to get to see her try on dresses once but we didn't say "yes to the dress". As I was browsing theknot.com I found this gorgeous dress that I really can see her in. It is Alita Graham by Kleinfeld:

I love the simplicity of this dress. All the elegance and beauty is in the fold and texture of the fabric. Stunning and simple.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Day

It seems that "first days" don't disappear, become any less frequent, or become any less nerve wracking or stressful as you grow up. My first day at the new job is tomorrow and I am so nervous! I feel exactly like it is the night before my first day of high school, or the night before I packed all my stuff in my parents car and drove across WA state to go to college. I'm nervous. And I am totally having the "I hope they like me" thoughts. As well as the "who do I eat lunch with?", "Will I be in the cool kids club?". I had planned to already be in bed, but I can't sleep. Gulp. Wish me luck!

Via sillydad.com

4 months

I have been in my apartment for almost 4 months now and it has been so much fun to transform a blank slate into my own space that is all sweet sweet mine. I am in the home stretch of putting the final details into place but the general framework is finally all completed in the apartment. I will need to get another picture of the whole space. But can you believe this is what I moved into?

Budgeting Tips and Tricks

It's not that I don't have a budget (relax mom and dad!), its just been pretty loose and I have lacked the effort to really see where my money is going. Granted I have a good idea *cough* rent *cough* *Cough* eating out too much *cough*, but I think it is time to really start scrutinizing my finances so I can make a better attack at some financial goals I have.

I have heard people raving about Mint.com to track where and how they are spending their money. What are other people's methods for tracking spending?

I also need to take up a love for cooking. I love to bake, I just can't get that excited, and I am rather intimated by cooking. It just seems to free-form. I like a recipe. I like to know exactly what ingredients to put in. Cooking isn't like that. But if I could cook more at home I know I could really cut back my budget by having left-overs for lunch, and not having to spend extra for a tip and overpriced drinks.

What are your tips and tricks for saving and being budget savvy?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Felted with Love

It all started when:

My sister made this amazing pillow for me--I love it so much!

It is made entirely out of felt! Which got me really attracted to other craft ideas you could create with felt. I found some wreaths that used the same technique that Nicole used to make this lovely delight. This is what I created for a little Valentine's Day decor:

(excuse my very ugly mauve painted door. Trust me, if i could change that, I would!)

The process went something like this:

I cut 1/2 inch strips and used a hot glue gun to wrap and cover a Styrofoam wreath form I got from Michael's with a 40% off coupon. (Felt is fairly cheap as well- like 10 cents or so a sheet).

Get your wreath covered. Worry more about the sides rather than the top since that gets covered up. Also, if you can find a rounded edge circle wreath, go with that. This squared off one was not ideal.

Cut out a LOT of these 1-1.5 inch felt circles. I used one of my small drinking glasses as a circle template. I think I cut out around 300 of them. But it depends on how tight you want your felt "buds" to look. I liked the more bunched together look.

Fold your circle in half, twice. Then spear the end with a straight pin and then place into the top of the wreath form. Work your way around the form and Voila! Add a ribbon and hang your masterpiece. What I love about using red is I can change out the bow for Christmas and use this two times a year. A white one would be even more versatile and you could just switch out the ribbon year round to reflect the holiday.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I Went to the Zoo Zoo Zoo, How about You You You?

Super Bowl Sunday. Yes, forever ago. I know. I obviously have been experiencing some writers block, or just sheer lack of motivation to write here. Which is bad bad bad. Back to the story. Super Bowl Sunday started to shape up as a day where I had zero invites, so to keep myself from sinking into "omgiwishedilivedinseattledbecausemysociallifestillreallyreallysucksincomparisonhereandigetsoupsetaboutit" mode I decided to go to the zoo and see if I could get a glimpse of the new lion cubs that were born not too long ago. I sadly missed the lion cubs BUT I did get some other great animal sightings. To start I got to see these little guys:

Sadly these 6 little guys, who are brothers, won't be at the DC zoo much longer. The zoo is trading them for a set of breeding ones, since obviously these ones can't produce offspring. I showed up just when it was feeding time and they were all perched on those rocks, trying not to fall into the ditch separating them from the fence. The were squeaking like it was their job. A zoo keeper showed up with little fish to feed them and she shared that the six brothers are called the "six pack" and are all named after a beer. I don't remember them all but there was Bud, Miller, and Dos who has cataracts.

They were so stinking cute! They would kind of clap their paws together and stand up on their back legs to beg for more fish. I loved it!

I also got to see the tiger and lion who are always asleep in their den when I go to the zoo, so it was a treat to see them out and about.

Did I mention that the weather was awesome? I was in a light fleece and actually had to take it off and carry it because it was so warm and sunny! Also for all you people who don't live here-- to make you a bit jealous (which is hard if you live in Seattle or Idaho), the zoo is F-R-E-E. Yup, all the time. Unreal huh?


This has been a blog I have been  anxiously/nervously/eagerly/regretfully/sadly/enthusiastically/amazingly/andeveryotheremotionyoucanpossiblyimagine
waiting to write.

After a lot of thought (and tears) I have made the decision to move on to a different organization and leave my current job.

I am still in shock when I write that or tell people.

My job has been such a big part of my life for the past two and half years. I can easily say that without my job there is no way I would have survived the transition to the East Coast. Through it I have met some wonderful friends that I know will extend into my life far past this short time that I worked with them. I feel that I invested a lot in the position- received my first promotion and also learned the ropes of a "real job".
But change is inevitable and it was time to make a change that was best for me. I had someone describe that my grief and sadness with leaving my job is much like breaking up with your first love. You know deep down it probably isn't going to work out. But first love is blind and innocent, and you almost think it can do no wrong. So there has been some realities, and with finding a job that I think I can grow in and learn a lot from- I knew it was finally time to say goodbye to my first work-love.

I am still working in a somewhat HR related role- but focusing on some different areas and getting rid of some of the aspects I did not enjoy previously. I pray it will be a good fit. I start Monday and I am nervous like a little kid on the first day of school. It is strange to know you will have to re-learn and re-train on so much. And I sit and think "I hope they like me"- just like when I was 12 years old. Some emotions and fears just never change.

I will leave it at that. I am scared/excited/nervous/anxious and just clinging to the truth that I nothing in my life has led me anywhere that has turned out horribly. Granted I have had my fair share of 'backpeddling' moments, but overall I have been provided for and very blessed, and I am sure this change and decision will fall into that category as well.

Thank you to everyone who helped me through the decision, the process and the emotions. I owe you all for your constant support and patience with my indecisive nature. You are all the best people I could ever ask for in my life.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Key to Your Seat

I was trying to do some major catch up on StyleMePretty the other day and I came across this awesome idea for directing guests to their seats at a wedding:

 The rustic tags and ribbon are not really my style but I adore this idea. Check out the entire wedding here