Saturday, March 12, 2011

Felted with Love

It all started when:

My sister made this amazing pillow for me--I love it so much!

It is made entirely out of felt! Which got me really attracted to other craft ideas you could create with felt. I found some wreaths that used the same technique that Nicole used to make this lovely delight. This is what I created for a little Valentine's Day decor:

(excuse my very ugly mauve painted door. Trust me, if i could change that, I would!)

The process went something like this:

I cut 1/2 inch strips and used a hot glue gun to wrap and cover a Styrofoam wreath form I got from Michael's with a 40% off coupon. (Felt is fairly cheap as well- like 10 cents or so a sheet).

Get your wreath covered. Worry more about the sides rather than the top since that gets covered up. Also, if you can find a rounded edge circle wreath, go with that. This squared off one was not ideal.

Cut out a LOT of these 1-1.5 inch felt circles. I used one of my small drinking glasses as a circle template. I think I cut out around 300 of them. But it depends on how tight you want your felt "buds" to look. I liked the more bunched together look.

Fold your circle in half, twice. Then spear the end with a straight pin and then place into the top of the wreath form. Work your way around the form and Voila! Add a ribbon and hang your masterpiece. What I love about using red is I can change out the bow for Christmas and use this two times a year. A white one would be even more versatile and you could just switch out the ribbon year round to reflect the holiday.

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  1. oh that looks so cute!! but also not overly complex to make aka i might be able to give it a stab.

    Thanks for the awesome idea!