Tuesday, January 6, 2009

23 Before 23/New Years Resolutions

Instead of doing New Years resolutions I have tried to make a list of things to do before my next birthday. This year it is 23 before 23. I have been really behind this year on creating a list...and having a little difficulty thinking of things this year, even though I know the possibilities are endless! Well here it is, it usually changes, if I hear a new idea I like better, or to make the goals more specific! If you have any ideas for me let me know, because as you can see I am still needing two more things to do!

1) Lost 10 pounds
2) Get hired full time
3) Make my 100th posting
4) Start 52 Card Pick Up
5) Start volunteering somewhere
6) Stop biting my nails
7) Only drink 1 soda/week
8) Do not check facebook for 1 week
9) Turn my cell phone off for three days
10) Donate my hair to Locks of Love (completed- December 2008)
11) Take one photo a day for a month and make a photo album
12) Go to the top of the Old Post Office Tower (November 2008)
13) Complete a scrapbook
14) Only drink water as a beverage for 1 week
15) Read 20 books
16) Do not eat meat for two weeks
17) No alcohol for one month
18) Host a dinner party
19) Start studying for the LSATs
20) Take a trip somewhere I haven't been before
21) Send 5 friends hand made greet cards


  1. 4) like the card game?
    6) paint them. =)
    11) stealing this one.
    17) oh no...
    20) VEGAS! (your airport gambling doesn't count)

  2. I like #11! That is a good idea!