Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day Two of Aunthood

Baby is still awaiting his name. But I did get to talk to me lovely sister (now a MOM!) this evening which was so nice. She sounds good and I even got to hear the baby squeaks in the background on the phone.
I will say that tonight really sealed my feelings that I am missing out on the most important things in my life...which is a hard emotion to stomach. But I am just so relieved and happy that day two brought a good day for the baby. He got to meet Gramps (my dad) grandma and grandpa just aren't going to work for my parents. They are going to have to have some creative re-naming.
Now I just need to plan my trip to go back and meet my new nephew!! My sister's friend also was able to email me some pictures so I got my first glimpses of my nephew earlier this morning...and I must say...he stole my heart. Strange how I love that little bundle of joy more than I can even write and I haven't even met the little guy.

Spending some time with grandma...maybe we will try mame?

Holding Dad's Hand

Dad and Baby time

Belly kisses from Dad!

Not too happy about being on the scale!

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