Sunday, May 31, 2009

100th Post Just in Time

If any of you remember my older posts on my 23 before I am 23, there was a challenge to reach 100 blog postings. Well here is number 100, just in time for my 23rd birthday today!

I was pretty nervous about how my birthday was going to go down this year. Amazingly and thanks to Alex's birthday gift to me I am spending my birthday with two of my favorite people: Stephanie and Kendal.

Last night we hit up a sports bar and discovered the SOS- which we had 4 of. And $2 Margaritas, $5 pictures and what happens when you are with three navy boys who love Jack and Coke.

Naturally last nights events have hindered today's events. We are running a bit behind but have every intention to go wine tasting in St. Augustine before Kendal and I have to catch our flights back to our respective locations. (ugh). So dreading work tomorrow morning.

I will write a detailed blog about my trip later this week, but right now I am going to eat a birthday breakfast!

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