Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Heart HR

Yesterday I attended the HRA-NCA (Human Resource Association- National Capital Area) full day conference. It was a really great experience! There were two key note speakers, both authors of some decently big name books and then there were four break out sessions. I attended ones on:

The relationship between CFOs and HR
Bridging the generation gap
How to avoid a lawsuit
Servant Leadership

I also had a chance to do some networking and met a great woman who kind of took me under her wing for the day and even hooked me up with a great listserv for DC HR area professionals.

There was a tradeshow too, which meant tons of free pens. ( I even scored one of those ones that has the post-it notes in it). I picked up a few highlighters, some chewing gum, notepads, a new bag, and best of all!!!!......I won a Starbucks gift card as a door prize.

It was a great experience and I hope my company will let me go to more events like these because I learned more than I think I ever got out of a college class!

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