Sunday, May 3, 2009

Friday Night Frat Party

Last night after work I met up with the BHS graduates of 04' who are living in the area. We met up at Founding Farmers which is an excellent, organic and LEED certified restaurant in the Foggy Bottom area which is really close to my office. The wait was forever and a day. Which we had heard was a problem from a few people who had tried the restaurant. But it was well worth the wait, as the food was fabulous and reasonably priced.

The BHS crew consisted of myself, Erin, Sara, Laura (who was visiting Sara), Neal, Peter, and Alex (not a BHSer). After dinner we headed to McFaddens...or shall we call Delta Gamma Beta, or some other random greek letters. The feeling was that of a large overrun frat party. But who am I to complain about a place that has $2 Miller Lite all night on Fridays! In summary, there was some moments on girls on a bar, a future ex-wife for peter, and a drunk skanky freshman that Alex and I later saw at the metro and lots of shots.

The only thing missing from the night....the flickering lights for when the cops came and crashed the party.

But I am very excited to have some people to hang out with from high school.

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