Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gush. Relish. Bask.

So this twitter, tweet, bleep, burp, whateveriammostrecentlyaddictedtointhesocialmedia amazing.

So you all know this guy:

image:via wikipedia and can we say....SO Yum!
Or you should. Or I won't be friends with you anymore. Anyways---he is adorable. His wife--lucky lucky lucky. And they have a new baby. And he got emotional when he won. Basically--I adore.

ANYWAYS. I tweet, he tweets, we all tweet. And he mentioned catching up with his sister. So me...I check out his sister's twitter. AND she is an HR person!!!!! O.M.G. . I tweet at her or whatever it is called.

She tweets back.

I feel special.

Yes I nerd out on HR. Yes I adore RB. And now....I adore his sister.

Check it:

And to be fair- Lori made my day.

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