Monday, April 11, 2011

A Burrito and An Eggroll

So this past month has been packed with visitors (ok not packed but considering I keep a fairly small social circle--to have TWO visitors in one month is pretty "packed" for me).

Erica--who writes an amazing blog btw. Check her out. just left on Sunday (yes I cried as per usual when friends depart). We had a couple wonderful days together just chatting, getting caught up on each others lives, cooking some amazing food, eating some tasty brunch, and snuggling in bed since I am cover stealer.

I probably appreciate more at this point in my life more than ever the simple joy of sipping coffee with a girlfriend and just chatting. I knew I had it great growing up with a great group of friends and then in college meeting an otustanding group of women who I know will be entwined in my life more than I think even I will ever be able to full comprehend. But you take it for granted...until you don't have it anymore. Yes, all my girls are just a phone call, skype, text, email away...but that simple delight of just grabbing coffee, lunch, making dinner, drinking a whole bottle of wine is something that just isn't at my fingertips like it was in college living here in DC. I do have some amazing girlfriend here in DC, but my DC lends to a lot of work, and sometimes not as much personal stuff as I would like. Anyways. You get the point. Having Erica here was amazing and I miss her a lot already. And I am also so glad she is safe and doing what she needs to be doing for her right now.

Some highlights from the trip include this amazing dinner we just kind of whipped up on the fly. I had the fixins to make this pasta sauce that was handed to me by AlliBear's mom awhile back, and then Erica got me this great little cookbook that comes from a moment in NYC to have accessible fresh produce. From that we made a roasted veggie salad served over spinach with a garlic vinaigrette sauce (yes we made that--i know right!!?)

We also had a great series of photos that spawned from this conversation:

A: Ugh I am so bad about taking photos! We don't have a single picture of us together from your time here.
E: *shrugs*
A: Well I have my little camera
E: I'm asian I rock at taking the self portraits with the extended arm.

(Or something like that)

Which resulted in this:

 This one jusdt didn't do it for me.
 So then we took this gem. Yes you can see up my nose.
 We were drinking coffee and I look like I had a gallon of wine.
 Excited Erica.
 Ok maybe there was something in the coffee?
 Getting there
 My "excited eyes"
In the end. Not bad.

So special.

We did enjoy a wonderful brunch at Belga Cafe which has been on my list of places to dine at for awhile now. I will 100% be going back as I didn't want to order six menu items--but they sounded so good!

I was so glad to see Erica and I selfishly hope she moves somewhere close so I can see more of her! But for now, I just savor the days I get to spend with my friends!


  1. Cute pictures, that's awesome that she was able to visit you out there!

  2. mmm that dinner was so good! I totally bought some potatoes, fennel, and beets to roast tonight!

    can't wait til i get to see you again!!

    and seriously. taking self-portraits is so an asian skill.