Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Favorite

Before I moved I had one of the greatest coffee shop/cares in the world about a 3 minute walk from my apartment. Granted, now I am 10 minutes away, but that convenience is missed! Tryst, is as close as you are going to get to the "FRIENDS" coffee shop in real life. Mis-matched furniture of ugly castaway couches and wing backed chairs, mixed with good food, great coffee, and a bar for those after work moments. It is one majorly redeeming part of DC for me. It may beat out many of the coffee shops I haunted in college in Seattle! Seriously!

It is a favorite of mine for studying (pretty sure I passed my PHR because of Tryst), reading, Internet browsing, and hanging out with friends. I can be found at Tryst a lot.

A favorite of mine, is Tuesday nights at 8pm. The musical talents of Wytold are free, and created the perfect atmosphere to sip a glass of white, eat a cookie, or dinner, and unwind. Wytold layers melodies on his 6 string electric cello with the help of a foot pedal that loops melodies, while he layers on top of existing ones. It is beautiful.

If Trey and him were to collaborate...I have one word....magic. (Trey...I'd be glad to hook you up, if you want to hire me ;))

So tonight I am enjoying dinner, a glass of wine, followed with a cookie and diet coke.
If you visit me. Make me take you here.
Hope your Tuesday is just as relaxing!

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