Saturday, August 10, 2013

What is Going On?

The weather here has been nuts! By nuts, I mean awesome for DC in AUGUST. Last weekend we picnicked! Laid in the grass, basked in the sun! My shins didn't sweat! I am telling you--strangest, but best DC summer ever (or in my DC tenure). Granted we are back to the regularly scheduled humidity and hot days, but considering this summer has been a breeze compared to years past---I take it as a win. 

Views from our picnic on the Potomac last weekend

I know I just up and let you all here. I've started probably a dozen or so posts, and just couldn't get into them. I don't force my blogging here, because this is my hobby, and as much as I would love it to be a hobby and a job of sorts, it just isn't, and I try my best to keep this something I enjoy, rather than something I associate with a "to-do" item. 

I always wish I would write more. Document more. Share more. I feel like not only is this such a great resource for myself to keep track of my life in a diary-esque manner, but I love the thoughtful and meaningful comments and interactions I have from this space. I am hoping that I can clear my head, and some more time for this blog.

Moving on.

Last weekend also resulted in a trip to Ben's Chili Bowl to introduce some visiting family members of our friends to the goodness of Ben's. We even got a professional tourist photo taken of us!

We have a doozy (dozy? doozie? hm.) of a few weeks coming up. Preparation for weddings, my SO's Birthday, getting to go home, hearing back on something I've been waiting on for awhile, and hopefully fitting in some last summer hurrahs (hopefully with some more crazy nice DC weather). 

So there it is. A post after a hiatus. Hopefully this is the start of some regular time here!


  1. My picnics also consist solely of wine, cheese, and fruit. Looks lovely!