Saturday, August 17, 2013

Holy Smokes! What a Week!

Holy smokes* what a week!

I'm telling you- I feel so excited for this Friday evening and the weekend that stretches ahead. Despite it being summer in DC our weather is still absolutely lovely, and I have been doing my best to take full-advantage of this less-than-common DC summer by having lunch outside, walking home (and taking the long way), sitting by the pool to catch the last few rays of sun for the day, and just taking a few moments to appreciate the bluer-than-normal-sky.

This week was the very definition of an "emotional roller coaster". If I didn't have gray hairs before, I certainly do now.

But all's well that ends well, right?

And if I am not jumping the gun, all has ended well.

Remember talking about the Life Trifecta a la SATC? Well, I'm here to say it is back on my mind. Thinking about that tripod of wants. Work, Living, Love. I feel like I just made a radical step in making one of the legs on my tripod super stable this week. But pesky living. Living is, and always has been, the messy part. That ache of homesickness never seems to cease and desist. While it its nagging voice does get a lot quieter at certain times, I always know it is there.

Which makes this rare DC summer all the more special. It is the closest "like home" summer I've had, and at times it makes those waves of gut-wrenching homesickness come in full-force, but it also and calmed that yelling in my heart. With being able to do things outside, enjoying the long hours of sunlight, and savoring those weeks where summer slowly slips into the briskness and coziness of fall.

* Well onto more about home, and smoke. Idaho is burning up right now. With crazy forest fires threatening the Wood River Valley, my favorite place in the world. My heart is in a little clenched up ball worrying about the safety of my loved ones, the community and the ski mountain. My prayers are about hoping they get this under control and soon!

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