Monday, October 8, 2012


I'm in a funk. I've lost the pep in my voice and the spring in my step. I've kind of turned into mix between a sloth and cookie monster. Pardon my whoa-is-me-session, I will try to keep it brief.

I am at a loss of how everything seems to be coming hard right now. We can throw in the SATC logic here, and between Love, Work and Apartments, you really can't ever have all three in perfect condition (that is like cheating the universe), but to have all three just being a beast, well it just isn't fair. (yes I am stomping one foot with my arms crossed and kind of pouting right now). I just feel like everything right now is hard and trying and frankly it has me really just down and out. I feel like I am just waiting for the next difficult thing to come around the corner. Like that rent increase I know is coming. Or the next work trip the bf has (or long night of working). Or the homesick feelings that come in waves this time of year. Or the car issues (that seem to be cropping up). Or dealing with the feeling of looking for more with my career. Or the alone feeling I get when I am at home watching TV. Facing my jealousy and insecurities seems like a daily exercise, and it all just feels endless right now. My SATC trifecta of life is just kind of a hot mess and I keep grasping for anything to feel normal or stable.

Times like these I know it is best to just talk it out, let it out, and pray for the deeper and bigger meaning of your life to be ever-so-sneakily revealed to you just enough, to know that there is certainty in chaos and hope in the times you feel the worst.

Ok, off my chest, and hopefully not too whoa-is-me-ness.

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