Thursday, October 18, 2012

Meditating without Laughing

We tried something new tonight. We meditated.

Not like the  "I just thought deeply about something for a long time". I really went to a Buddhist center and was coached through a 30 minute meditation session. Nothing complicated, for the true beginner, but just a quick class to cause the stress of the day to melt away.

I was skeptical. There were only two of us who came to the class. I really thought I was going to end up giggling the entire way through. I also was trying to figure out the jam, pretzel chips, and Starbucks canned drink on the "alter". Where they "offerings"? Regardless, sitting there, all I could think it this was not going to go well, and that my back hurt.

Well 30 minutes later and a lot of focusing on the "clear water" space in my mind and letting "thoughts come and go like the waves", I left feeling more centered, more rational regarding some of my emotions and my back stopped hurting.

While I am not anywhere near understanding all that is meditation. I found it relaxing and it did help make me feel better and more focused.

If you are looking to try it out yourself, this is where I went.

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