Thursday, October 4, 2012


This weekend we pulled together a quick trip to Chapel Hill so we could see my beloved Idaho Vandal football team.

We got a really late start on Friday, despite our best efforts to get out of the city mid-afternoon. We were driving and the bf starts talking about how I should drive. I wasn't really  thinking he was going to let me drive. After all, I have driven his car once. While means I have really had experience driving a stick shift all of two times in my life, and his car is just so nice. Next thing I know....

I am whipping down the highway at 70 mph in behind the wheel. Now I will say he was completely right, and once we got up to speed it was smooth sailing. It was when we hit the stop light on the off ramp where my blood pressure when up. I didn't kill us both, and we arrived safely in the wee hours of the morning.

Thinking we would just fall into bed, I started getting ready for bed when I hear the bf telling me that the bug bites he had shown me a few days ago had exploded into a giant red rash and were really itchy. We agreed that if it didn't get better, or if it was even a bit worse, we would find a doctor in the morning.

The morning I woke up to a swollen faced version of my bf telling me he had found a emergency clinic and we needed to go. I dragged my sleepy (and rather snappy and cranky) self up and off we went. I had written off the possibility of making it to the football game at this point, since I figured we had hours of tests, hospital waiting rooms, and scares of flesh eating bacteria.

Within five minutes we had a diagnosis. Poison Ivy.

Say what?!? We live in DC. You know...that place that would require poison ivy to be nuclear to grow anywhere where we might walk through it? Well after some consideration, he must have been in contact with in when we were apple picking a few weeks ago, and it just took awhile for the reaction to kick in. Luckily the sent us on our way with some medicine and hopes of the itching to stop.

Then the rain started. My childhood taught me that there is very little that keeps you from two activities: Skiing and University of Idaho football.

So we put on the raincoats and headed out. We grabbed so food and pre-game beers at Top of the Hill and then headed to the game. The Idaho section was pretty small this time around, but we always come prepared to cheer.

Let's Go Vandals!

Soaked. But stil having fun.

Grey, grey skies.

Sadly, my vandals really kind of sucked. So after two quarters, we called it quits. Itchy mcitcherson had done his duty and I was soaked through all my clothes. We went back to the hotel, dried off, napped and then headed to grab some dinner in Durham at Federal.

Sunday brought some better weather and we were able to meet up with my lil' sis from ADPi and had a lovely brunch with her. Mallory always has me laughing so hard, I am practically crying. We had nights in the sorority where we were both were delirious, hopped up on diet soda and chasing sorority girls around the greek system...and they are still some of my favorite memories. I love that girl.

It was so nice to catch up with her and see a familiar face. That might be one of the hardest things about being here. I feel so alone sometimes and most of my friends are so far away that seeing them once or twice a year is about all I get. I love having Mallory so close, and if I do stay in DC I can only hope we get down there to see her a bit more!

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