Monday, October 8, 2012

Today it was Fall

It feels like it has taken forever for fall to get here. My tolerance of the DC summers is getting lower and lower each year. I could not wait for cooler temperatures and the absence of my window air conditioning unit humming 24/7. We had gotten close over the past few weeks to having fall, but today was the first real day of fall in my books.

The true signs of fall are not Starbucks pumpkin themed drinks, or the first time I can appropriately (the bf will argue there isn't an appropriate time) wear uggs. Fall is when I can layer my bed with my big fuzzy blanket and also pick a coat in the morning. I love coats and jackets. I love me some fuzzy blankets too.

I contemplated some hot chocolate tonight too, but I sadly thought about it kind of late and didn't want to be up all night on a sugar high from the stacks of marshmallows I insist on layering into my hot cocoa.

Now that we are in fall mode, I have the urge to bake. (Well in theory I have this urge- lately my slothness has really trumped any sort of creative outlet). Pumpkin is sounding good, but I am oddly craving a multi-layer chocolate cake.

My sweaters are calling from the closet and I will have to unpack my rotating box of stored clothes here soon.

While I have been begging for fall to come. I also can't believe another fall, and another upcoming DC winter just around the corner. In a quest to find some photos for a project I am hoping to do soon, I came across pictures from my first year in DC. In some ways it seems like yesterday, and in others, it seems like worlds away. Did I think I would see two elections in DC? Um. No.

But back to fall....

What else I am looking forward to? Carving a pumpkin and roasting some pumpkin seeds!

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  1. Tonight here in LA is the first feeling of fall. One week ago it was triple digits and truly miserable (since it never gets that hot here), so I'm thrilled for cool temperatures too. I'm even wearing a UW sweatshirt which makes the season official :) Hope you are well!

    xo Lisa