Friday, May 20, 2011

Threading...No not a Needle

On my lunch I made a hair appointment for tomorrow (yay- finally get my bangs back!) at Frizzles in Alexandria. I had my hair cut there before Alli's wedding way back in the day and they did a great job. I usually don't make the effort to go out there but after my last lapse in judgement for a hair cut, it is time I have a good one to get it clean up for the final stretch of growing it out for Locks-Of-Love. I had intentions to get my hair trimmed, bangs re-shaped and defined, and then have my eyebrows done. Unfortunately they couldn't schedule the eyebrows with the haircut so I frantically starting looking into other option as my eyebrows have become a really unpleasant sight!

I did some yelping and googling on my lunch today and I came across a a series of really great Yelp! reviews for Dupont Threading. Ok...I had heard of threading. Never tried it. Kind of intrigued, kind of scared. But all the reviews indicated I could walk in and out within a half hour, it is less than a block away from my work, and under $20. I had to try it.

So I head over after work. Walk into the odd little basement shop was told to wait "3 minutes". It was less than that for wait. I immediately get called out for my negligent brow care practices. Warranted is all I will say. (Think Bert of Bert and Ernie here--just not a uni brow) So she sets to work. I would rate it a 4 on the pain scale. She of course asks if this was my first time having my brows threading. Um yes. That is why I am CRYING. Not crying like "oh wow I want to die" but like "oh wow that is my sinus passage".

In then end. 100% worth it. Brows look amazing, it was fast, I wasn't all puffy and no odd waxy chemicals or other stuff on my face. Success. Hot brows thank you very much.

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