Monday, May 16, 2011

Continued Wishes

In honor of seeing TMP this weekend (it was so exceptional as always! Trey continues to just produce incredible choreography that is so honest and beautiful) I think I would enjoy this:

7) TMP Hoodie

8) A idea which one but I am sure Idaho Camera can come to the rescue. All I know is I want a big fancy one. You know...the kinds that take amazing photos. You know something that looks like this:

9) A Wonderbar. Mine ran out and I sadly just not feeling like I have the extra cash to get a new one. It does wonders for my skin and it is hands down the best skin care investment I have EVER made.

Since it is bedtime I will dream up some more and get back to you all. After all it is my 25th (eek...still not sure how I feel about that!) so I feel like I can entertain my wildest wishes.

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