Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wonderbar Review

Image via Wonderbar

Wonderbar. I Wonder where to start. Wonder-ful? Wonder-ous? Wonder-ing if you should get one? Want to be Wonder-woman? It might be one of the Wonder-s of the world.

Well here is my review.

I was a bit nervous about trying the Wonderbar. Mainly for the price. $40 was a bit much for me when I was thinking about how much I usually spend on face cleanser. But I eventually caved and splurged. Shipping was awesome, it arrived exactly when it said it would and the reaction I had to the tiny little bar was exactly what the website predicted...."Ohmygod...I just spent $40 for THIS!". It is a really little bar, so brace yourself and try to remind yourself that it does last for a long time!

I started using the bar that night. I could really feel my skin tightening and when I rinsed after the 5-10 minutes my skin felt silky smooth. I had my first "healing process" about three weeks in as predicted. After that my skin got much much much better. I kept using make-up (ensuring none of it was mineral based) and eliminated using anything but plain soap to wash my make-up off before Wonderbar-ing at night. I also used it as an all night mask which seemed to have strong results in the beginning but oddly lead to my face becoming slightly oily throughout the day. We stopped using it as a face mask and now just follow the suggested once in the morning and once at night treatment.

I have been using the Wonderbar for about 8 weeks now (which I still have an incredible amount of my bar left -which just shows the $40 goes a long way with this product) and am still loving the product. I have stopped wearing make-up as I felt that my "healing" and "renewing" had plateaued; I tried alternating make-ups but I was eventually lead to believe that the reaction between make-up and the bar was just not working with my skin. So we are 4 days into no-makeup (just eyes), and so far I think things are starting to head in the right direction again.

My overall review: the Wonderbar is worth every penny and I will be a loyal customer. I highly suggest if you have been someone with problem skin for as long as your can remember, and you have constantly been in a struggle to try various products only to be let down weeks later: stop wasting money... swallow the price tag...and buy yourself a Wonderbar.

**I was in no way compensated for this review and wrote it on my own free will.


  1. Day 2 of my wonderbar "regimine" - thanks so much for the product review, I hope it works even half as well for me as it did for you Gurl! :)

  2. I am very interested...

    So I have really sensitive skin, I use Cetaphil now, do you think that it would be ok?

  3. Hi there, im interested in buying some Wonder Bar soap. Can you tell me how i can order some?
    Thank You, Lupe 562 331-7799