Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Day After and I am Still Alive

Well the big two four has come and gone and besides the discovery of a few wrinkles I came out alive on the other side!

In all seriousness I had a positively wonderful birthday(s). Saramarie came into town Tuesday. That evening we were able to check out a Orioles game up in Baltimore. We even got out picture taken with the mascot! (I'll be it a very creepy/unflattering picture- but it is the memories that count). We also discovered the theme song for the week.

 Oooo ooo ooo OMG...thank you Usher!

Wednesday night we went to Founding Farmers with our friend Alex from "Business School"(said with snobbery) and then checked out the Old Ebbitt Grill to meet  up with a friend from Sara's past.

Thursday was SACT 2 night. I have to say I was very disappointed :( ! It was so bad compared to the first movie and compared to the series it was appalling. I am glad I saw it, but I am not sure I will make an effort to watch it again. Luckily we topped off the night with some brie, mac n' cheese, wine and baguette, flipping through wedding magazines while cuddled in my luxurious bed!

Friday night I had a bit of a stomach ache but Saramarie was able to enjoy a night out on the town. The next morning we headed to Alexandria and had a great lunch at Rustico. Grabbed coffee at Buzz, and then hit up King Street were I managed to buy some birthday shoes, randomness from papersource, and check out some cute little gift shops. Saramarie bought me a fabulous book called "5". Trust me...you will see posts about this book! It also oddly was written by some Seattle folk..so naturally it has to be good! We also got to Dairy Godmother it up and then headed back into DC for a great dinner in DP.

Sunday Saramarie treated me to a delish brunch at Monmartre near Eastern Market so we were able to check out the market. (My first Eastern Market experience!) We spent the rest of the day getting ready for the birthday festivities and had dinner at Matchbox before meeting up with my nearest and dearest of DC at Iron Horse in GalleryPlace where we could play skee ball AND BBHP.

I had so many great friends show up and celebrate with my birthday with me! I felt truly loved and very excited that my first birthday in DC was a HUGE success!

Monday morning I had to sadly say goodbye to Saramarie but I could not have asked for a better couple days with her! I have so many great memories from her visit and I already miss her like crazy!

The rest of my Monday was spent talking to people back on the Best Coast who called to wish me a happy birthday, and lounging around. In the evening I was finally able to go to Ray's the Steaks which I have wanted to try from the first month that I moved out here! It lived up to its amazing reputation!! I had a delish steak, great glass of wine and topped it off with key lime pie. It was the perfect finish to a great celebration!!

Additionally I have to brag about the amazing gift my sister MADE me. It is so cute!! It is a darling pillow with an awesome ruffle design on it! Her blog has photos and you MUST go check them out! She is so talented and artistic --it is pretty awesome. I will treasure my pillow forever!!

I also got something from my wishes (I know you are all dying to know which wish was granted...but I am going to let you all guess!)

Going back to work after such a great long weekend was a shock but it was tolerable and the short week will help ease the pain.

Thank you again for all the birthday wishes and memories! I am so blessed and I know that 24 is going to be a spectacular year!

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