Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Commitment Issues

So I have had some commitment issues with purchasing a new laptop. My parents gave me some monetary assistance to help me buy one way back in December for Christmas and I just haven't been able to click to purchase button. It has just been a debate of what I want in my new technological significant other and what things are deal breakers. I finally nailed it all down today in deciding what I am and am not going to expect out of my new relationship.

So I took the plunge! I am fully committed to a beautiful new "moonlight white" dv4t HP laptop that will be here in 10-15 days. S/He is going to be a beaut...I can feel it! I can already sense some serious bonding that will occur between us as we venture down the blogging road together.

Here is what my expected new arrival will look like:

I'll be sure to introduce you all when s/he arrives later this month! I am sure we will be very happy together.

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